Jun. 24th, 2013

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 I haven't updated in a while!
  •  Most pressing right now is that I jacked up my right hip last week T_T  I sprained one of the tendons on my hip joint, and the only thing you can do about it is ice, ibuprofen, and bed rest.   I'm not in pain like I've been over the past few days, but it'll be a few days yet till I can walk like normal. 
  • FANIME was a month ago and I haven't gotten to write about it yet.  Fanime actually was exactly what I needed - I felt slowly like I was getting buried in the monotony of adult life and adult jobs, and Fanime just made me feel happy and young and excited about anime and video games in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time.  We exhausted ourselves stupid with all of the fun events this year.  I had a really successful cosplay run too - at the end of this post, I'll have the link to my Shauntal cosplay pictures!  Obviously Pixie and K are good peoples, and we got surprise! guest visits from Fyre, Desnik, and Kol!  
  • And I got to keep Kay for an extra week after Fanime, which is nice.  I'm so used to living alone that interacting with friends IRL is more the exception than the rule, plus we ate at Sushi Confidential twice and go to Mitsuwa supermarket (DONGO), which I don't do enough on my own.  
  • Finally jumped on the Minecraft train~  You would think I'd dive into it earlier, but I have this stupid thing where I rebel against something that is popular for a few years, and then later come around to it and love it (Zelda, Pokemon, Harry Potter, etc). 
  • In addition, I bought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  You've probably heard everyone talking about New Leaf.  New Leaf will eat you alive.  Tom Nook will cash in your soul for pennies.  My town is called "Elysia" and my character is "Endymion", because I'm predictable, and I'm working on making his house with one floor looking like a Golden Elysium thing, and the second floor looking like Mamoru's canon bedroom.   Also, roses all the fuck around his house.   Gates to Infinity was fine, but I kind of play the Mystery Dungeon games for their plots (which tend to be really mind-fucking), but this one didn't have the same punch.  It was otherwise cute.  Once I'm over Minecraft, the next game on my list will either be Pikmin 3 or Pandora's Tower. 
  • Lol speaking of games, Microsoft lololololol I have no idea who on that side thought they could get away with that bullshit.
  • Knitting up a storm still - made my mom a shawl for Mother's Day and my dad a pair of socks for Father's Day, finished a pair of purple rainbow legwarmers for myself, and now alternatively working on a project for someone else AND a Roimata Scarf for myself, using bright purple yarn and golden lyre buttons.  
  • The best television show you can watch right now is Attack on Titan - I'd recommend this even to people who don't know anything about anime, it's so intense and high-stakes and you will be emotionally punched in the face every single episode.  Mikasa is my spirit animal, though I love the trio of her, Armin, and Eren (Eren is definitely inspired by Heero Yuy, can't convince me otherwise)..  [Watch opening credits]  [Watch on Crunchyroll] 
  • Gonna do another Arcadia push later this week - it really doesn't have far to go till it's ready!
And now, a link to my Shauntal Fanime pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cmn0123pd740bwb/GoT3um8Q5x  The Pokemon Gather was EPIC, definitely over 150 people in costume.  In the first picture, I'm the one in the purple bob wig on the lower right next to Gary Oak.  

I was Shauntal, a Ghost-type Elite Four member (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shauntal), and it was the first cosplay that I did that was a lot of instant-gratification cause people recognized me, wanted pictures of me, and liked the outfit overall <3333   I'm so pleased and thanks to K and Pixie for helping me out (ESPECIALLY WITH THAT MASSIVE COWL).   

For next year's cosplays, I have three big ones in mind - Priestess Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi (I was thinking of commissioning a Tamahome bodypillow to make it obvious who I am), genderbent Yugi from YGO (based on this fanart:http://pinterest.com/pin/193373377723023012/), and/or Lime from Saber Marionette J.  The Yugi is the one closest to being a sure thing, and K and I might be knitting the cardigans in that pretty pink color (but doing a Yugi wig will be 12 kinds of fun).  


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