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 Hi.  Figured I should update on what's going on. 

Adventures in Not Being Antisocial:

So after being paranoid and leery and snooty, I finally caved and started getting involved in  And HOW.  I found a group I really love pretty much instantly - a Geek Club that does a pile of cultural and dorky events, and lately I've been going to one event a week on average. There has been museum trips, art galleries, picnics and exhibitions, and good company and good conversations.  I didn't realize how on-edge I am socially at work until I got the chance to talk to people at non-work events...I really do suck at getting myself out XD But that's changing now, at least.  I might even have a tabletop RPG campaign to join up with soon - and for ten years I've really wanted to join a campaign, just had no idea where to start or how to find one.   

I even am hosting an event in November!  The Tech Museum of San Jose is going to have the Mythbusters exhibition, and I'm coordinating a group there.  BADASS.

Interactions with Paper

Yeah I've been having a hard as shit time reading for the past year, mostly because I used to read a lot during my spare time in retail, and now I have a computer in front of me all the time and isn't it easier to poke around on Memebase than read a book?  So I'm trying to shame myself into reading again.

I joined a book club though, which is helping.  The book discussed at the meeting today was Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash - which I did not like.  I loved every moment that had Y.T. (15 year old skater punk badass girl), but Hiro was boring most of the time, and my god did Stephenson really have to do a 100 page infodump.  He makes an interesting speculation about hacking having existed since the Sumarians, as the catalyst for diverging languages and cultures, but then he tries to justify it with science and just totally fails.  People also really love this book cause apparently the tech stuff is so progressive, but I found the political atmosphere way more interesting - Snow Crash's world is an anarchial-capitalist state, in which governments don't exist any more, only sovereign-states run by corporation.  Like how they casually drop the factoid that Microsoft owns Washington State.  And the standard of living for people has dropped to horrible levels, but the culture is so desensitized and so hedonist that nobody cares about helping others.

The books for the next month are Kushiel's Dart and Bloodlist, which I'm sure makes Ingrid and Angie delusionally happy cause they've been telling me to read them for years.  My dad also mailed me a book called The Contest, which I'll read cause the premise is hysterical - the New York Public Library is locked down by ALIENS so that they can hold an intergalactic battle royale, and the story follows the human representative fighting for his life.  When I described it to the book club, they thought it sounded awesome, so I'll read it first to make sure it is cool.

I need to give audiobooks another try.  Hell, I work right next to a library, there has to be something I can grab during a break.  

Marathons That Don't Involve Leaving The Apartment

God damn, I managed to marathon two TV series this week ALONE: Guin Saga and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which was 40 episodes of stuff in one week D:

Guin Saga is about an amnesiatic warrior who wakes up in a forest one day and finds that he has a leopard kinda if Kafka wrote swords and sorcery fantasy.  Basically, the series is about Guin's search for who he really is, but there are two main draws that I felt.  The first is that Guin, even though he is part of the fantasy genre that produced the likes of Conan the Barbarian, is a warrior and a sage and a gentleman all at once.  He's the character that should be annoying cause he is virtually perfect and has little by way of flaws, but because he isn't self-important or proud, he comes off as extremely likeable and also noble.  The second draw is the political intregue aspect, which I feel is usually not done that well in swords and sorcery, but is handled very deftly and INTERESTINGLY here.  There was a character I was worried would be evil because he was so clever and devious in instigating a revolution, but thankfully he was just a smart badass (crossdresser).  

Green Lantern is about, uh, Green Lantern.  Only it is Green Lantern meets Star Trek Voyager, as he is exploring Frontier Space and it'll be months till he can return home.  I usually really really really hate Hal Jordan.  I like this Hal Jordan.  I like all of the side characters.  I have an insane love for a new character to the show, a snarky Red Lantern named Razer who joins Hal's starship crew because he is such a woobie D: Also I tend to dislike 3D animated shows, but I feel like I didn't mind it much here?  Possibly because the storylines made up for a lot.  

God damn you Kol.  

Stuff and Things:

My phone dropped dead last month, and at the end of this month I'll be getting a new one - either an iPhone 4S or a 5, depending on whether or not it seems like 5 has enough shiny features to make it worthwhile.  I've never had a smartphone before, as I kinda hate phones, but it's gotten to the point where I really need one because of (a) work and (b) I get lost and disorganized easily, and it will be more efficient if I have access to maps.  

I preordered the Wii U 32 GB model on Thursday.  No regrets.  And Pokemon Black/White 2 will be coming out next month too.  So yeah, I need to be reading now, while I don't have shiny games to distract me.

Just bought two really cute things at Modcloth D:  


Still really freaking obsessed with that Ladybug trailer.  I actually joined Tumblr last week for the sole reason of following the fandom D: save me (totally requesting the series for Yuletide, however :D )

Date: 2012-09-17 04:28 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] randombees
I'll go to Mythbusters :D!!! When is it?

What is your Tumblr? I like Tumblr a lot, especially and!

Date: 2012-09-17 09:42 pm (UTC)
erstwhiletexan: (Default)
From: [personal profile] erstwhiletexan

you should follow this tumblr because I see you like Sailor Moon <_< Mine is BUT IT IS FULL OF RANDOM AND DERP

Date: 2012-09-17 05:29 pm (UTC)
industrialfairytale: (evil)
From: [personal profile] industrialfairytale
Seems like the only big deals with iphone 5 are the LTE (supposedly much faster) connectivity, and GASP they CHANGE THE CABLE CONNECTOR ;)

Date: 2012-09-18 06:09 pm (UTC)
tatterpixie: laurel and hardy (happy-dance)
From: [personal profile] tatterpixie
This whole post makes me ridiculously happy. ^____^

*starts following your tumblr*

Date: 2012-09-18 11:15 pm (UTC)
thez: Kirklander's Starship for Kids Who Can't Read Good (Star Trek - Kirklander)
From: [personal profile] thez
Fact: while I don't have any strong feelings on the Ladybug trailer as a whole, I am freaking obsessed with the SONG. I downloaded the trailer just so I could listen to the damn thing on repeat all day. I just wanna have a Ladybug dance party. (Someone said it reminded them of Darude and I'm all OH HEY it does!)


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