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I made a thing.

Considering I have artist friends who fart out better art than I can even conceptualize, I harbor no delusions of this actually being decent.  The wobbly lines everywhere probably make most people ill.  But I'm really happy to have painted a thing that I can actually hang up in the apartment and say it's mine.  

Next time - bigger canvas and a much, much less fine and precise subject inspiration. (The card, btw, is the Major Arcana 21, The World, from a flower-based French tarot card set that K gave me <3 ) 

Acryllic painting was actually better than I expected - I didn't realize that the quick-drying nature of acryllics actually allow you to paint over mistakes.  Like, I fucked up the green lines a few times, but bam, could splat some white paint over it and try again.  

In other news, I've actually had a super-crazy social calendar recently.  Just this weekend I actually went to a party, volunteered at an Oktoberfest (pulling Sam Adams - my hands smelled noxious for a while afterwards), and a book club.  I have three board game group meetings this week, a Game of Thrones D&D session tomorrow*, plus planning for the company Halloween thing.  It's different because usually I have zero social calendar at all, but obviously I'm driving in the 'too much stuff' direction and will have to come back to center eventually.

A nice thing is that I've started going to the gym every morning for a 40 minute workout, and then going into work.  I've found that I have more energy at the workout and in work afterwards as opposed to the afternoon workouts.  This is in the hope I lose some weight so I might reasonably be able to hack together a Miraculous Ladybug cosplay next year (it is a full body-suit thing and I don't want to put other people through undue distress.)

*I've actually been wanting to do a D&D style campaign for a long time now, but had trouble finding a group I wanted to be with.  This GoT group is on the newb side, but since I'm a newb too, that's cool.  I'm playing a septon on a secret mission, played by Jeremy Irons and he will be so badass nobody can handle it. 

Date: 2012-10-15 03:52 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tatterpixie
I APPROVE OF YOUR ARTINGS. <3 That is a very pretty card, and you did it justice. Someday I will get up the nerve to try painting. (The watercolor cat pictures I did don't count because they were mostly watercolor pencil -- I just scribbled then got them wet. XD) WELL DONE YOU.

Date: 2012-10-15 08:41 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] randombees
Well done! I like the gold.

If you're worried about line wiggles, you can safely color over dried acrylic paint with colored pencils, or by dabbing watered-down paint to a ruling pen, but I think your work looks nice the way it is.

(If you do make your work mixed-media, it's a little more complicated to protect it with sealant, but it can be done:

Date: 2012-10-15 10:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ru
Hm! Working out in the morning is an interesting idea. I've been doing a bit of exercise in the evening, usually whilst watching Babylon 5, and I usually work up a pretty good sweat. However, it's infrequent as it's dependent on when I get home/how long dinner takes/etc. If I could make it work for me in the morning that might be a way to be more consistent, and we have a gym on campus, so. XD

What sort of exercises do you do? And do you bring a change of clothes and then shower afterwards, or do you just bring the change of clothes? I'm trying to figure out if I could fit a morning workout into my schedule, and how much earlier I would have to get up to make it work. XD

ALSO, I think it's a lovely picture! <3 The colors are really nice, and I bet it's gonna look awesome on your wall. :D


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