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(I will try to write in more later, a bit busy at the moment D:  But I deeply appreciate you taking the time to look over my letter, and I hope I can give you some ideas to work with!  By and large I'm easy to please, though I do have a list of PLEASE DO NOT DO further down )

If you want more ideas of things I tend to like, you can also look at my Yule letter from last year (though it was for different fandoms) at  Or go through my icon list to get an idea of the other fandoms I like, to get an idea of my taste and any potential cross-over ideas.

Here are some generalities of things I enjoy:

1) I love exploration of aging and learning over time.  I love the compare and contrast of a character at a younger age vs. a few years later, when they have the luxury of hindsight for them to understand if the choices they made where right or wrong.  This is particularly good for fandoms where you might want to age up the characters in pretty much all of my requests.   
2) On the flipside, I also really like stories that explore characters as they were before the canon of the story.  For example, Inspector Gadget as a younger, totally-human dude would be great to explore, or Rainbow Brite and more about her life before she became Rainbow, etc.  I love the idea of young promises and young dreams, and how that translated to how the character actually lives as an adult.
3) Anything looking into psychology or Jungian archetypes, particularly the anima/animus (could be good for Ladybug fic) and the Shadow.  If there are any deep-rooted psychological problems that a character has, what could be the sources of those problems?  Do they possess a 'dark side' that they are afraid of?

Here is my OMG NO please do not touch these things list:
1)  The incest/pedophilia/bestiality roadshow.  If it's any sexual thing that you think you'd have to put a trigger warning for, you probably should just reconsider the idea.  There's a time and a place for these things, and it's not for a cozy Yuletide storytime.  (I encourage you to age up the characters if there is any chance of sexytime.)
2)  I am up for angsty dark gritty stuff, but make sure it is a means to an end.  I don't think I need grisly axe-murdering of my favorite characters for Christmas.  

Rainbow Brite

- What is life for Rainbow and the Color Kids as they grow older? Does Rainbow still visit our world? What does she think of it, and does she feel like she missed out on anything having abandoned our world for Rainbow Land?

- A girly-girl fic in which the girl characters all go off and do something badass.

- How complex is the relationship between Rainbow and Stormy? What does Stormy think of Rainbow, is there any bad blood or jealousy or a misunderstanding?

Miraculous Ladybug

- SCHMOOP THIS PONY UP. I ship them desperately and will be happy with gooey/tragic romantic stuff. Feel free to age them up to accommodate for scenes beyond schmoop.

- CREATE BACKSTORY FOR MARINETTE AND FELIX, tragic pasts and the like. How has bad luck factored into each of their pasts?

- What is it like being a girl superhero in a town you don't even feel like you fully fit into?

Inspector Gadget

- Just run with it and reinterpret the Inspector Gadget show into the most badass thing you possibly can. I'm thinking Bladerunner here - taking the general premise and throwing it into a dystopian world. Consider this like writing fix-it fic for that really stupid Matthew Broderick movie.

- So hey, why exactly is Gadget taking care of his niece? What happened to Penny's parents? How was Gadget related to them (-was- he related to them?), and what are Penny's memories of Gadget before he was transformed into a robot supercop?

- Fic of Penny as an older teenager. What kind of work has she gone into? What is her relationship with Gadget still? Is she still up against Claw, or other adversaries?


- Haruka protecting Yuu from danger, and/or Haruka trying to help Yuu with some of his emotional issues.

- Haruka interacting with yet another alternative universe - what that is is your call, but include Yuu so that he can be heartbroken AGAIN

- Haruka and Yuu as older teenagers/young adults in their native timeline after everything has been saved - do they think their future really has become the best possible one?

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