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 Mostly a HEY I'M ALIVE post.

- Work is crazytown, what's new.  Still not fired in spite of a new CEO and major reorganizations.  And I'll be presenting at a big data conference in Vegas in January!  And this year I'll be able to go to the giant-ass Adobe marketing summit in Salt Lake City!  (Oh crap I need to make sure that won't conflict with New Orleans.  Okay, it looks like the summit is from March 4-8, that gives me a least a week in-between.)  

- On that note, my vacation plans for 2013 include: New Orleans in March, New England in May or June or July, and HAWAII in September or October.   Possibly Seattle as well if there are any cons I want to go to.

-  Now that the fucking election is over (a) my blood pressure has instantly fallen like 20 (insert unit of measurement of blood pressure), and (b) I can finally fucking enjoy the Daily Show and the Rachel Maddow show again without wanting to flip my TV and quit.  (Nothing against Jon or Rachel, there was only so much news I could handle).  

- Pokemon Black 2/White 2 came out.  Been playing at it kind of sluggishly/half-heartedly because I haven't been in a gaming mood lately.  Have my WiiU on preorder too (comes out next week) and I'm kinda like, I hope I actually use the system this month D: 

- Making myself a DWARVEN BATTLE BONNET in time for The Hobbit.  Plan to bike around town in it too.

- Going to host a Meetup group at the San Jose Tech Museum this Sunday, as there is a MYTHBUSTERS EXHIBITION in San Jose for the next two months. Speaking of Meetup, I've been going to like a billion events and it is nice to have a bit of a social life again.  Speaking of Mythbusters, it's virtually all I've been watching on Netflix for the past few months - probably should quit my subscription and buy the damn seasons instead.

Well I was going to do nothing tomorrow, but a board game meetup came up and I am compelled to go (it is a strategy board game meetup too - I really love these games like Dominion and Talisman and Lords of Waterdeep).   I should probably go somewhere and work on my Yuletide as well, cause I do nothing here at the apartment except play Pokemon and watch Teen Wolf because I don't know.

Date: 2012-11-11 08:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prodigy
Dominion! Dominion was one of those things the guys at my college game club played when they were too sober to play Catan.

To be fair, there is such a thing as being too sober to play Catan, which is to say, being sober at all.

wood for sheep

Date: 2012-11-12 06:52 am (UTC)
prodigy: Oregon Trail screencap recaptioned "FUUUUUCK!!" (shitcaulks)
From: [personal profile] prodigy
To be fair, I've also been too drunk to play Catan, specifically when I was in Oxnard for a friend's New Year's party and flopped backward onto someone's lap and complained that the rules were too hard.


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