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 By popular demand!  What Sage is up to. 

- Work has been completely insane lately, with a million requests from the executives and I am the only one with the power to answer.  Which would be a power trip if I were not completely buried in 20 of these high-octane requests at a time, and my boss was out for like the last week too and she usually provides cover.  Plus a lot of people I worked with are leaving for other jobs :< suck

- Got great news though - my parents are going to help me buy a new (used) car!  This will be my new all-consuming obsession as I figure out what I want.  I want a car that does decent MPG, cause mine right now does only 22-25 MPG.  I want a hatchback too, and no matter what I get, I will paint that shit purple.

- I beat a very good game, The Last Story, a few weeks ago.  It was developed by the same director who started the Final Fantasy series (as the name alludes to), but while I feel that FF has gotten stagnant over the past few years and never moved past a very teenagery feel, Last Story is definitely an FF not only written for adults, but with gameplay and controls that challenge the player much better FF generally does.  The characters were highly enjoyable, especially the voice dubbing, which was done by a shitload of people who also do acting for the BBC.  I really highly recommend this game for people with the Wii who want a good RPG, especially cause you can usually find it for $20.  

- On the flip side, I've also been trying to get through Assassin's Creed 3, and that thing is a fucking chore :< Probably going to trade it in, which kinda makes me feel like a 'bad gamer' but if your controls aren't intuitive and the story is boring as rocks, dunno, you aren't keeping me around.  

(I feel like a "bad gamer" sometimes because, according the video game sexist cliches, I don't generally like FPS and survival and stealth games.  I can see myself making exceptions for games like Bioshock Infinite, but I think a huge part of it is that I have trouble feeling as connected or involved with those stories as I do with an RPG or Adventure.  Bleh.) 

- Chugging along on my two cosplays for Fanime - a casual/cute Miraculous Ladybug outfit, and my Shauntal costume (from Pokemon.)  The Ladybug shirt is done except for snipping some of the loose threads, and I bought a really cute ladybug purse and ladybug earrings, and I will wear my black cigarette pants and probably heeled black boots.     With Shauntal, I'm done with her dress save for finishing details and the back, because I want K's help with fitting the back and getting the zipper on.  This week I'll be working on her bizarre collar, and I have long styrofoam sheets, batting foam, and polyfill, plus black velvet and red clay to make it all with.  The only prop I'm still missing are black opera gloves, and also a Pokemon - though I just bought a Litwick that should get here in time :D  I have regular black tights, but I'd like to get some lacy tights, cause I'm using black lace on her dress (instead of the solid black half-circles at the waist).  

In addition to the Taiki and the Musubi that I've created for previous Fanimes :D 

-  As previously alluded to, K will be around for two weeks around and during Fanime!  Then Pixie will be around mostly for Fanime :D  AND THEN THERE IS PARTY.

- Bought a new mattress cause the old one was destroying my back.  Omg.  The difference that like, a foot of real spring mattress makes is amazing.  So this is what it is like to have support?

- Two knitting projects - 80% done with my purple cardigan and nearly done with a gift for my mom (a shawl).  My dad will be getting wool socks for Father's Day, but I want to figure out how to do the double circular needle method on his socks, cause I think it sucks to completely finish one sock but not the other.  I recently bought enough yarn to work on another sweater, and I can't wait till I have the time for that.  

- Arcadia!  Is getting progressed on, though not as much as I'd hope between work and finishing my cosplays.  Still hoping to get it ready for the public by June 15th ;_; 

- If I really werk it on my cosplay this week, I will spend a few hours at the Maker Faire this weekend :D  Decided to forgo seeing Star Trek on Saturday night so I have more time to work on the cosplay.  

Last, but not least, this Thursday night, the local theater is playing Spaceballs :D :D :D 

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