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 Howdy Yuletide Santa!
Thank you in advance for setting out to make gift fic for me!  I have been absent from Yuletide for a few years but excited to get back into it.  
Generally I'm easy to please, but I will lay out here things I like and don't like, and some suggestions.  I am really interested if you follow your heart and inspiration in a fic, so definitely use what I say as a guideline but not a prescription.  I want to see your POV on this fandom we both love!
Likes:  I'm a huuuuge sucker for the standoffish male character trope and slap-slap-kiss kind of relationships.  I like ship fic, ESPECIALLY if the POV learns something important about themselves or their beau in the process.  I really like characters questioning the world they live in and their own place in the world - I'm basically huge into character development and introspection, plus some philosophy.  I like seeing small details of a world or passing backstory fleshed out and given broader meaning.  I loooove character torture and torment, particularly emotional distress and anxiety, and battling feelings of inadequacy.  On the lighter side, I love snappy dialogue, snark, and bad puns.  Action is fun, especially chase scenes or fights.  I love girls who kick ass and supportive boys who let them!  If you go the ship route and want hanky-panky and sex, I'm down, and I am queer-friendly and will appreciate most match ups (however, if the series has a canon couple established, I really don't want to break them up and re-pair them.  Just add the third wheel in ;* ).   I am super down with song fic too.  I enjoyed the last two Yuletide stories I received a great deal, and maybe you can find inspiration there, or in some of the stuff I've written myself. 
Dislikes:  Not looking for PWP - I think emotions and thoughts are more important than describing the act, and I want to know how the relationship changes the pairing.  I don't enjoy Mary Sues/Gary Stu fic and prefer to see characters struggle.  Violence is awesome but no need to get too descriptive in gore, and please no sexual abuse or sexual violence whatsoever.  I don't mind some fluff, but I really don't want a throwaway joke fic or something very far removed from canon.  No crossovers either, please.
Don't Starve 
Oh my god I am STARVING for fic about this series!  Huge fan of the game, played maybe 200 hours, have a Woodie play through that is on Day 510.  I would really enjoy a story in the other dimension with Wilson and possibly one or more other characters in there, struggling to survive, trying to learn more about the world they were thrown into and how to escape.  A story about Wilson and another character clearing Adventure Mode could be fun - and what would happen if two characters confronted Maxwell at the end of it.  I personally ship Willow and Wilson, but since there is no canon, if you want to ship anyone, feel free!
Princess Tutu 
Fakir is my precious baby child and Ahiru is the cutest little thing in the world and I love them like burning.  The ending of the series broke my heart, and I would love a bit more exploration into how Fakir moves forward with Ahiru later on.  Does he seek out a way to make her human again?  Does he ever try to find Mythos and Rue for help?  Could reincarnation in a later time be the only way they meet again as humans?  Gimme closure ;-;   
Juuni Kokki 
My favorite part of the Juuni Kokki books is how they outline rules and laws and structure for this world, only to exploit the loopholes in it during every story.  I also really like the political intrigue and mysteries of the stories.  What I would really love from you would be an original story based in the Juuni Kokki world, maybe tackling a region not seen in the series, or exploring a historical event or person that was never spoken about explicitly.  If you want to write about an established character like Enki, maybe he encounters a new character of your choosing?  If you don't want to do that, totally fine, I am honestly happy to read anything clever and new for this series.  I've read all of the translated books available, so please don't feel restrained by the scope of the anime!  Yoko is my favorite canon character, but because she didn't make it into noms, no pressure to include her.  
Magic Kaito 
I love this anime so damn much *__*  My absolute only complaint about it was how useless the female characters were - if you give me a story where Aoko does something super awesome, I'd be pleased beyond measure.  I love Kaito's usual hijinks too and totally would love a heist sequence as well.  My favorite episodes are ones where Kaito learns a bit more about compassion, like the theater episode where he helped that actress, and I would love to see something like that here too.  And DUDE.  The unresolved sexual tension between Kaito and Aoko is just too much for me to handle in the show, so I'd love to see someone, well, resolve it.  Feel free to age them up or move the story forward in time if you need to.  I also love dumbfic about them dating.  
Thank you again!  Please don't feel hedged in by my suggestions, and if the story you write takes you in a new and exciting direction, let it happen :3  Have a great season!


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