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Give me an OTP and a detailed prompt, and I will give you a 100-300 word fic in response!   I have been particularly itching to do crack fic lately - like, off-the-wall non-canon ships (like Samuel and Jay making out in the elevator).  Or canon ships in really cracky AUs (Devo and Galen in Pokemon AU).  OR PLAIN STUFF IF YOU WANNA BE VANILLA.   I want to smash through them tomorrow (day off FINALLY), but I will have them done by the end of the week.   Put multiple requests if you want, and I'll pick my favorite.

I also have my schmoop bingo board to get through, so you can use that as reference!  It's here.

Gearing back into action, posting like a beast soon!

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The following chat started with K's idea that "Music Is The Victim" by Scissor Sisters is a Roimata song.

toot toot )

I think Neve and Veles would both translate super-well to FUNKY FRESH AU as well XD WHAT ABOUT PWYLL? PHIA? VAIKO?

Yeah don't need bizarre stuff like this in my head when I'm supposed to be focused on moving XD

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This is really only good for more Roimata POV and a look at his personal philosophies.  Woefully bare story, but I'm really not up for doing more XD  HAPPY THAT I TRUDGED THROUGH THIS MUCH.

Series:  Arcadia (near future)
Characters:  Roimata, Vaness

19. Into a cascade of fragrant stars )

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Again, a sort of bizarre story.  Mostly meant to highlight Roi's strange approach-retreat behavior when it comes to sensuality - he will abuse it on stage and in music, but is nearly a prude in every other aspect (...but not entirely).   Probably breaks too much fourth wall to be a true canon story. 

Series: Arcadia (maybe only a month or so before he gets to Eurydice)
Character: Roimata

Desire was born early, as was regret )

Meme questions! 
9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them. )
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Wanted to write something original tonight, from my Pandora project, but my brain is so crapped out that I couldn't make anything of it.  So I have water-logged emo Roimata instead (thank you for the suggestion, Kol ;-; ) 

Series: Arcadia
Character: Roimata Liron/Orpheus (two years prior to game-start)

Hunt for the liquid measures of your steps )


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