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I made a thing.

a painted thing! )
In other news, I've actually had a super-crazy social calendar recently.  Just this weekend I actually went to a party, volunteered at an Oktoberfest (pulling Sam Adams - my hands smelled noxious for a while afterwards), and a book club.  I have three board game group meetings this week, a Game of Thrones D&D session tomorrow*, plus planning for the company Halloween thing.  It's different because usually I have zero social calendar at all, but obviously I'm driving in the 'too much stuff' direction and will have to come back to center eventually.

A nice thing is that I've started going to the gym every morning for a 40 minute workout, and then going into work.  I've found that I have more energy at the workout and in work afterwards as opposed to the afternoon workouts.  This is in the hope I lose some weight so I might reasonably be able to hack together a Miraculous Ladybug cosplay next year (it is a full body-suit thing and I don't want to put other people through undue distress.)

*I've actually been wanting to do a D&D style campaign for a long time now, but had trouble finding a group I wanted to be with.  This GoT group is on the newb side, but since I'm a newb too, that's cool.  I'm playing a septon on a secret mission, played by Jeremy Irons and he will be so badass nobody can handle it. 
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 Hi.  Figured I should update on what's going on. 

leopard headed men, alien gladiatorial games in a public library, cat shooting lasers from its eyes )

Still really freaking obsessed with that Ladybug trailer.  I actually joined Tumblr last week for the sole reason of following the fandom D: save me (totally requesting the series for Yuletide, however :D )
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I've been wanting to do this post all week. Here are the ten books (or book series) that I consider to have been formative in my young Sageling years. These are all books I read when I was 12 years old or younger.

I guess the Bernstein Bears should have been in here. Too late now. )

Did any of these books affect you guys as well?  What books were very important and powerful to you at a young, impressionable age? (I hear "Clan of the Cave Bear" is a common answer, by the way.)

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Hi, I figured that I should give some indication that I'm alive.

Talking about Angie, books, Nanowrimo, tags, and Netflix )

Oh, and I bought tickets to the San Francisco Nutcracker Ballet c:   For those who don't know, I'm massively obsessed by the Nutcracker ballet, and you know, if I'm living next to one of the most major productions of it in the world, I PROBABLY SHOULD GO.  The tickets were a splurge too, but I think worth it for the nice orchestra seats.  

I should probably sleep before work tomorrow.  TA TA.
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Top 100 SF/F books, according to NPR.  Since it seems to have been decided on based to fan-votes, I can understand better why the order is so weird and wonky and leans towards a lot of new stuff. Nabbed from [personal profile] prodigy .  Bold for read, italics for started, underlined for want-to-read.


Read more... ) -----------------

I bought Super Smash Brothers: Brawl last week.  Should have bought it years ago, it should have been called Nintendo Fanfiction: The Game due to its story mode. I have my sights on getting a 3DS within the next few months, but getting some new clothing and some non-plastic furniture is a big higher on my list right now.  DID YOU KNOW THAT OREGON TRAIL - 3D WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 3DS?  Also a Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright team-up game.  God dammit.

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BEHOLD.  THE FRUITS OF MY LIBRARY RUN.  Click to get to the Amazon page.

uh now i just need to find my toe sock needles...

[personal profile] prodigy  suggested that I should read this!  I AM ALREADY PRETTY SURE I'LL LOVE IT.

ISAAC ASIMOV WROTE A COLLECTION ABOUT SHAKESPEARE?  WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL? Now I might not blow so hard at Shakespeare categories on Jeopardy!

Interview thing at Apple tomorrow for a part-time retail thing - not at the Apple store, but actually at Apple HQ, which is down the road.  Whether it is fruitful or not, I'll be able to claim to have been at Apple HQ!  I'll steal something nice for ya'll.
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I don't sleep.  I fret and review books.

Series: Breaking the Wall [Amazon]
Books: Thirteen Orphans, Nine Gates, Five Odd Honors
Author: Jane M. Lindskold
How I Found It: Border's close-out sale; the covers were pretty.

Super Short Summary: A war between our 'real' world and a world rooted in Chinese magical tradition is looming. It is up to the descendants of thirteen advisers who fled that magical world, known as the Thirteen Orphans, to hone their magical abilities and set both worlds straight again.

What I Expected: YA novel about thirteen teenagers who discover they have hidden abilities tied to the Chinese zodiac, sort of in the magical-girl tradition with a heap of Animorphs thrown in.

What I Got: holy shit the amazing adventures of the most badass 70 year old woman there ever fucking was

The Breaking the Wall series went from being an obscure find to an unexpected favorite very, very quickly.  K and I got to read it over the past two months, and we were/are still so full of freaking glee over it.  We've tried to find a fandom for it but alas, there is none.  If there was a fandom, I'd probably just write Riprap fanfic constantly.  I might do that anyway.


So in short, I really enjoyed these books!  I think people who enjoyed The Twelve Kingdoms or who are in the game Perfect World could benefit from taking a look at it, for sure.  If anyone wants to give it a try but doesn't feel like paying for a copy, I won't mind shipping my first volume out, though I'm sure local libraries will have the series too.  I WISH I COULD HAVE A GAME BASED ON THIS SERIES RIGHT NOW, HUARGH (I call the Dragon).

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For lack of brainpower to write anything else, here are two more books I finished.

Fire and Hemlock, Men at Arms )

Next is The Secret of the Pink Carnation, I think.  I am wondering whether I should hold off on buying new video games until I hit my 50 book mark, cause I'm worried that I'd completely forget to read (and do anything else, really) if I had a shiny new Pokemon game at my fingertips.  I think my Wii is doomed to stay unused for a while still, and I got it back in November XD 

I've been writing stuff, on and off, but a lot of it is utter crap.  I feel really bad about it, but I know that I'm tired and stressed out, and I've been a weird mood lately too.  All of the stuff I have been writing has been sappy shit, so nobody's missing anything.  

Gotta get sewing soon T_T  Taiki adorableness won't craft itself.  Also, I will have a hoard of new DOLLS coming with me to Fanime.  BE PREPARED!

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Guards! Guards!, A Briefer History of Time, Pride and Prejudice, Odd Thomas )

Next up: Fire and Hemlock, Good Omens, and Men At Arms.


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Halfway through the 50 Book Challenge!  With four months left to go XD 

Witches Abroad, A Thousand Miles of Wind, Land of Loss )

I AM SO EXHAUSTED>.  Reading Guards! Guards! now, and hoping to do the 31 Days for tonight even if it is like, super-stupid or something XD

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So...if I'm going to successfully finish the 50 Book Challenge, I need to do like some 25 more books before July XD oops.
The Prince, A Japanese Miscellany, Equal Rites )

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GAAAAAH I SO TOTALLY FORGOT A BOOK AND I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS.  THIS WILL KILL ME.  Meaning that I shouldn't wait like, two months between each of these posts T_T.

Winterwood, On Writing Well, Spindle's End )

I need to finish the current book on Japanese mythology I'm reading.  After that...I don't know.  It's high time I read myself a Pratchett, methinks.

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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh so much fail on the reading front over the past month arrrrrrrrrgh

The Jungle Book, Twelve Kingdoms: The Shore In Twilight, Enchantment )

I bought two books today, The Prince and Pride and Prejudice, the former being interesting because I play WARREN and it is relevant to those interests, and P&P is because my mom half-disowned me in our last conversation cause I told her that I've never read anything by Jane Austen.  Anyways, this year was planned to be a year for me to catch up on classics, so why not.  Alice in Wonderland is on my shortlist too XD 


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