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Yuletide reveals are up!  That means I can share with you guys the fic I wrote for my dear recipient strixus.  This facet of the request was all I needed to know EXACTLY what I had to do, because I have wondered exactly those same points myself.

In particular, I loved what was done with Tron himself: transformed from hero worshiped by the young Sam into the faceless, growling villain of Sam’s nightmares, and then granted redemption in the last minutes of the film, yet possibly dieing in the end. I’d also deeply like some input from Alan on the issue with Tron, particularly if you see fit to have Tron survive his fall into the Sea of Simulation.

To put it more simply, really, I’m looking for something that plays with the transformation of Tron into Rinzler, and then Rinzler into Tron, and I’m totally open to the idea that Rinzler/Tron does die at the end of TRON: Legacy.

PUT IT ON A SILVER PLATTER FOR ME TOO, WHILE YOU ARE AT IT.  This prompt was PERFECT and an absolute thrill to write.

Red Shift @ Archive of our Own

Lots of props to [personal profile] ambientfiligree  and [personal profile] tatterpixie , who beta'd the story for me.  Some of the comments mention the use of the computer language effectively, and it was K and Pixie who gave me a lot of help in making sure that language and that tone was consistent <3 <3 <3  Then also [personal profile] prodigy  and [personal profile] mindsplinters  and [personal profile] kol , who were all my comrades in Yuletide and each wrote excellent little (or large) fics, and were a major source of guidance and support to me in my first year of Yuletide ;_; <3  I had a lot of fun this year and expect to do it again next!

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Series: Kingdom Hearts (specifically, the end of 358/2 Days/beginning of KH2)
Characters: Roxas

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30 Day Writing Meme!  Stolen from Kol! 

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