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Fanime is over!  I wish it lasted longer! IT WAS AWESOME.  By far my favorite part was watching all of the cosplay and hanging out with the 12K cosplay peeps.  ALSO I MET LITTLE KURIBOH (the guy who makes YuGiOh Abridged) and got lots of swag.  

Mostly I wanted to post to say that all of us got out alive, I'm exhausted, and I plan on getting back on the writing boat by this weekend, including a longer write-up about how the con was.  For now though, SLEEPZ.
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At the recommendation of my local neighborhood Kol, I'm making a list of some of the shit that needs to be done before Fanime.
  • Finish Musubi costume.  What is left to do is - finishing the kimono top (putting in the neckband and sleeves, putting in the ribbon, interfacing), putting ribbons on the white knee-highs, making the bow (I already have the obi part done, just need the bow to strap on the back).  
  • Start and finish the Taiki Pajama Party robe!  I only JUST found the right fucking fabric for it the other day.  It should be a fast project though, one evening probably.
  • Dye my hair!  My hair is too dark to match the Musubi ponytail extension I got, so I have to figure out if I need to bleach it or something.  
  • CLEAN MY CAR.  Especially the trunk, which is loaded with all sorts of crap.
  • PACK
  • Buy tickets to Las Vegas for my trip in mid-June.
  • Try to do as much work as possible in prep for next week, as I will be taking all of the Fanime days as half-days. 
  • Make lavender ice cream
  • Make Juuni Kokki cupkeikis
You know, I am too disorganized to figure it all out right now :D  


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