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Give me an OTP and a detailed prompt, and I will give you a 100-300 word fic in response!   I have been particularly itching to do crack fic lately - like, off-the-wall non-canon ships (like Samuel and Jay making out in the elevator).  Or canon ships in really cracky AUs (Devo and Galen in Pokemon AU).  OR PLAIN STUFF IF YOU WANNA BE VANILLA.   I want to smash through them tomorrow (day off FINALLY), but I will have them done by the end of the week.   Put multiple requests if you want, and I'll pick my favorite.

I also have my schmoop bingo board to get through, so you can use that as reference!  It's here.

Gearing back into action, posting like a beast soon!

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Pixie I did it :D  I wrote Dusty-being-broken fic for Gryle's Everyone Is A Sad Panda Future AU. 

It kind of has more to do with Deon, but that's not really his fault.  I couldn't imagine Dusty taking an active role in a story like this, or taking an active role in ANYTHING after what happened to him.   I HOPE HIS MISERY PLEASES YOU.

road to nowhere )


day 15: character you have the most in common with

Valentino.  Moreso than any of my other characters, a lot of his deeper motivations mirror what I would do in his situation (which is still not a perfect mirror, but it is the closest).  He also sort of reflects what I think about my own teenage years - that I was a flaily insecure mess (and still by-and-large am), and that I believed my life and future was going to be over at any second, with any single bad choice.  He is afraid of people hating him and he is initially eager to morph himself around to suit others needs, though as he gets older he gets a more stable sense of self-identity.  He also often is torn between the comfort of stability and the yearning to try out something risky and new - there is no way he will be able to stay in Sunset City forever, but he would want his friends to know that his roots are there, and that he'll never leave them behind forever, no matter how far around the world he goes.

Important:  Everyone give birthday hugs to K :D :D :D 

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This is really only good for more Roimata POV and a look at his personal philosophies.  Woefully bare story, but I'm really not up for doing more XD  HAPPY THAT I TRUDGED THROUGH THIS MUCH.

Series:  Arcadia (near future)
Characters:  Roimata, Vaness

19. Into a cascade of fragrant stars )

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I got so much stupid excitement out of writing this story.  Consider it the spiritual predecessor to the Val Baby!Herd story, cause obviously he encounters a good many more adorable kittens before he is able to handle children so well.

PS, people got to hit me if I mess up their characters!  I think Brian is alright, but don't be afraid to tell me otherwise  XD 

Series: Kingdom
Characters:  Val, Brian, Loni, mentioned Dusty and Tasha, KITTEN!HERD

She got a buttermilk smile and a thorny touch )

Days 10 and 11 )
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Again, a sort of bizarre story.  Mostly meant to highlight Roi's strange approach-retreat behavior when it comes to sensuality - he will abuse it on stage and in music, but is nearly a prude in every other aspect (...but not entirely).   Probably breaks too much fourth wall to be a true canon story. 

Series: Arcadia (maybe only a month or so before he gets to Eurydice)
Character: Roimata

Desire was born early, as was regret )

Meme questions! 
9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them. )
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Series: Kingdom Hearts (specifically, the end of 358/2 Days/beginning of KH2)
Characters: Roxas

Memory is seated predominantly in the heart )

30 Day Writing Meme!  Stolen from Kol! 

Questions! )

Answers for 1-4 )
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Had the same old problem where I wrote the dialogue first, and had trouble filling in the in-betweens later.  I really need to figure out a way to work around this.  

The art of losing isn't hard to master )
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Series:  Kingdom (sometime in October)
Characters: Val, Loni, Prince Eric Brian

This is just a secret that happens to involve you )

Official last day of work is now March 27th.   Woo.   Otherwise in a bum mood, will find a way to fix it.
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I'm going to repeat that I don't claim that any of these fics are works of art XD  Just doing what I can with the limited mental capacity I possess these days.  K requested hate-sex and I could not provide, sadly.

Series: Gesma (in some vague future time)
Characters: Warren, Quinn

Permit yourself anger and permit me mine )
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Wanted to write something original tonight, from my Pandora project, but my brain is so crapped out that I couldn't make anything of it.  So I have water-logged emo Roimata instead (thank you for the suggestion, Kol ;-; ) 

Series: Arcadia
Character: Roimata Liron/Orpheus (two years prior to game-start)

Hunt for the liquid measures of your steps )
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Prompt: Kingdom 100; #53, Riptide
Characters: Deon, Eva Barros (his mom)
Time: Set in 1990, then in mid-October 2008.   
Words: 1000

Already posted on the Kingdom forums, but I wanted to put it here for posterity.   Wrote it in a short, early morning burst on 25+ hours without sleep.    Somehow these quick and dirty fics end up being my best ones.  I really deeply like how this story turned out, so much that I was actually apprehensive about even posting it XD

a mother always worries/ a mother always knows
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Stressful few days, especially yesterday XD  Ingrid and Kol helped me a lot last night, thank you very much <3333  An old meme helped pull me out a bit too (though I'm currently in bed, having come home from work early XD was getting dizzy there).   

In this meme, you set your playlist to random (...or mostly random...), and you have to write a drabble for each song that comes up, writing within the amount of time it takes for that song to play (..........mostly).  When I started I didn't think I'd actually be able to do more than one or two, but I got into it and finished all ten <3

Copying Kol, writing notes for each fic and also putting in the song <3333 I'm actually fairly pleased at the selection of songs I ended up with, actually.


songs, lyrics, A/N )

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MAKING THIS TOOK ROUGHLY A HALF-ZILLION REPLAYS OF THE NUTCRACKER BUT HERE IT IS.  There's more I'd like to do with it, especially since I find it incredibly bare on description (which tends to happen when I COMPLETE ALL OF THE DIALOGUE FIRST), but whatev.

Series: Kingdom (Regency AU.  Because I already hit two of the other AUs so why the hell not)
Characters: Abagail, Deon, rest of the family
A/N:  Just a quick run-through of the situation here, because this fic is even more wildly out of context than the others.  Deon's family in the Regency AU is actually a servant family in the service of the old, insane Lord Barrett, though in practice they were treated as slaves.  When the Lord died, the servant family kept his death a secret.  They fear losing the only home they've ever had, so Deon decides to masquerade as one of the Lord's sons, and secure marriage to a noble woman to help establish legitimacy and keep the estate.   Also, the siblings by order of age are Abagail, Grace, Deon, Sara, Teresa.

 there is no use in right or wrong )

guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh fallen so far behind on EVERYTHING thanks to work killing the tar out of me.  Going to try to get one or two little fics for the other prompts done tonight if I can :< 

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Both of these are bad and unedited and somewhat jumbled and I will say freely so, but I've been so run-over by retail work lately that my brain cannot properly get into things.  It's only out of a sense of completion that I post them, to prove that I've been trying.  These two are from Wednesday and Thursday's prompts, and Friday's ("a long farewell and a time to choose") is a bye because it's being RPed out instead :D 

Series: Chaos Crisis
Characters: Tuxedo Kamen, thugs, fangirls?

another day in black and red )

Series: Kingdom
Characters: Val, Alex, Brian's kitten army

something pure and out of my hands )

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I'm really going to miss these 3-12 PM shifts, I think.  It's so wonderful to flop around in bed all morning and early afternoon, napping with kittens and eating crap.  The shifts only really suck because I keep on getting scheduled for 9 AM the next morning T_T

Series: Kingdom (Mexico!AU)
Chars: Deon, Mara

don't tell me if I'm dying cause I don't want to know )

Also, thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments for the month so far <3 <3 <3   I know I don't comment back on your comments regularly (this is mostly me not knowing what to say, though I'm going to start fixing this habit), but I really deeply appreciate it.   And please feel free to add in crit if you like!  The point of this is for me to improve as a writer, so I can get published one day and send all of you signed copies of my bestselling books <3  
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drr drr drr retail has been destroying my writing brain T_T    A little late, but here.

Series: Gesma
Character: Warren

your silhouette is still my reflection )

Series: Gesma (about 18 years prior to game start)
Characters: Vay, Vay's father, and three of his siblings

speak to me in riddles )

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Okay so I absolutely broke the 250 word rule on this one. I couldn't help it :< Hopefully I go back to being good later (and I totally want to edit this one at the end of the month too).

Series: Kingdom (set in the BABY!HERD AU of ten years in the future. Appropriately, in it everyone has lots of babies. With one exception.)
Characters: Val, Loni, BABY!HERD

When burning bridges won't come down )

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what is this I don't even

(file this one under "REVISE AT END OF MONTH CAUSE WTF"  Probably needs to be twice this length before it can start being coherent.)

Series: Kingdom (Long December???????  Probably not canon?)
Characters: Deon, Mara
and she thinks I'm the one that makes it rain )

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uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunf to sleeping in, unf I say.

Series: Chaos Crisis
Characters: Mitsuko, Kazuo
a place to fly and a place to land )    

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I'm thinking of taking up player-ship of Rae, the less cuter of the two Purity Princesses and also Your RA Mistress, and so I will be taking some test-drives with her this month.   She's a lot different than any other char I attempted, and so it might get some poking around until I get her right.  I'm really curious to explore her feelings of guilt and weakness especially.

Series: Kingdom (later on maybe, Long December?  only possibly canon cause who the hell knows) 
Characters: Rae

One last day in the shadows )


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