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I don't really have the mental power for a post about what I've been up to (there is a lot of anxiety in Chateau le Sage mindspace now), so instead I will do a



Including Cosmos, Avengers, Vandread, Sherlock Holmes )
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Hi, I figured that I should give some indication that I'm alive.

Talking about Angie, books, Nanowrimo, tags, and Netflix )

Oh, and I bought tickets to the San Francisco Nutcracker Ballet c:   For those who don't know, I'm massively obsessed by the Nutcracker ballet, and you know, if I'm living next to one of the most major productions of it in the world, I PROBABLY SHOULD GO.  The tickets were a splurge too, but I think worth it for the nice orchestra seats.  

I should probably sleep before work tomorrow.  TA TA.
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THE CHRONICLES OF THE SHIT I WATCH ON NETFLIX.   I will try to keep it to a paragraph each. 

Including Sherlock, Spiderman, and Rainbow Brite! )

So I'm trying to get some more live-action series in my queue, but while a few titles interest me, I'm just so turned off by prime-time drama and the like that I don't feel confident in starting up anything.  Brothers and Sisters and Flashforward have been sitting in my queue for a little while, but I'm not sure if I'm sold.  What do you guys recommend?

Not sure what I can do in terms of creative stuff today, so I'm going to start out with some RP house-cleaning.  Helping Ru and K look over their articles for Interstellar Senshi Hustle (SAILOR MOON SPACE ADVENTURE!), and I will do some light Portal work for Kingdom.  I have an app for ISH, for my Space Cowboy, that I could probably knock out in a half hour.  And I really, really must clean my room.  It's a sty.

Unrelated, can anyone think of any SQL tutorials online that they particularly like? I'm trying to develop some better computer skills, and it looks kind of fun anyways.  


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