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I didn't want to do my 'year in review' post last week mostly because I was sick and crazy, and I didn't feel like I could give everything its proper perspective.

But I want to say that honestly, 2010 was one of the best years I had, and that is entirely because of:

THE POINT of this post is that the only reason my 2010 was so amazing was because of you guys.  All of you.  The idea that I have such supportive friends is simply insane to me, beyond my imagination and certainly not something I thought I'd ever be able to deserve.  If I can't have roommates as great as Angie and Kol have been, then I hope I never have to live with other people again.  Pixie and K have kept me glued together when I thought I would fall apart.  Liz and Saturday and Kate, I'm really happy to have gotten back with you guys, and your comments have helped really lift my spirits, especially in November.  EVERYONE ELSE WINS POINTS FOR BEING COOL, cause you are only allowed on my journal if I like and trust you and think you are bad enough to rescue the president.   


lol so I meant to write up a big 'Best Things I Wrote Post'.  I'll make it short.  Best two stories I wrote were Riptide and Candlelight Dinner , IMO Riptide being the best story I've written in years and Candlelight Dinner just being fun to write.  I have a third story I really like but it is on a kink meme so I will not link it here, but it had some dialogue I really loved.  This year should also be remembered for me going batshit insane on writing AU stories, for whatever reason, but I think most of them were decent.

Saw plenty of incredible movies - Tron, Dawn Treader, Harry Potter 7 (which is actually the only HP I've enjoyed since Prisoner), Toy Story 3, and fuck me but I had a LOT OF FUN with Eclipse, which to me was like Twilight translated by rational, funny people.  Best books were Leviathan, Tim Gunn's Golden Rules, and What Color Is Your Parachute? (holy crap two non-fiction books I enjoyed, the world is ending,)  Best new music, by far, was from Private and Daft Punk.  Fringe and Top Chef have been the coolest American shows, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds and Moribito being the best animes.  Kirby's Epic Yarn is a mind-blowing video game, you have no idea.



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