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I've been thinking about where I need to go next in terms of writing. 

I'm not the type to forget or to bury my head )


RESTLESS HEAVENS CHATS WILL TAKE PLACE WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY of this week.   Mostly in the afternoons, probably starting at around 4 PM PST each.  The chat name will be KirinRibbonParty, so if I don't see you/get distracted by shinies/you are on invisible, you can invite yourself and at least I should be there.   EVERYONE IS INVITED, EVERYONEeven if you aren't yet sure what Restless Heavens is or joined in on the Sandbox or whatnot!   I will be there to teach and inform and also discuss the game!

Topics of discussion include reviewing over completed wiki articles (particularly kirin and kings, and the individual kingdom articles which should be at least half-completed by then), in-depth kingdom discussion, and debate over the application process.  

For the kingdom discussion, I am aware that I'm not the best world-builder, and I really want other people's eyes over what I already wrote, and other people's opinions as to how to make each kingdom unique and striking.  I know Ingrid was interested in having different fashion styles for each kingdom, and I'm interested in discussing social progress in the kingdoms and determining who is ahead in terms of equality and who is behind.    

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Uh.  This was meant to be a short RH update post.  But it got Long.  

Plus some funnies at the end as a reward )

ALSO DUDES, IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE SANDBOX, PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE!!!!  I want you kicking up lots of dirt there ;_;
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Hay hay hay three relevant RH links!

RH Character Sandbox!   It is where people have been dumping off ideas for potential characters!  Again, going to note that nobody is accepted or 'canon' yet, not even my own characters, but seeing what other people are considering could give you ideas of what to do yourself.  

Tangorin Japanese Dictionary
.  Admittedly I'm a moron when it comes to foreign languages, but I've actually been able to understand this website, and constantly use it to identify and find kanji that suits my purposes, whether it is coming up for character names, place names, or item names.  

RH crests, flags, and wiki banners.  THE PROGRESS THUS FAR.  K has been kind enough to start up on some crests and flags that we'll be using primarily as identifiers on the wiki, to keep characters and articles properly organized.    I'm especially fond of some of the shape symbology we've come up with - circle for Heaven, square for earth/land/kingdom, and diamonds for people.

I made fudge <3

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Hey hey hey another post about Restless Heavens!  This time about chatting availability! 

Poll #6266 Chatting Availability for Restless Heavens
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 9

How open are you to RH chatting?

Once a week!
3 (33.3%)

Twice a month!
4 (44.4%)

Ping me for spontaneous chats! I'm always willing and able!
3 (33.3%)

Not ready for chats yet
0 (0.0%)

Hanki and Sourin need more ribbon parties
4 (44.4%)

How open are you to joining in on RH chats, if I were to start them?  At this point, chats would probably center around hammering out certain world-building kinks, and also horsing around with our ideas for characters so far.  It'd also let me use you guys as sounding boards for technical and stylistic issues.  

My best nights tend to be Monday nights and Thursday nights - chats would be on one or the other, and I'd give out a warning a few days ahead of time for incoming chat.  The question is, how often would you guys be willing to go in on this, especially at such an early stage of the game?  Once a week?  Twice a week?  Not quite yet?

Would anybody be up for spontaneous RH chats as well?  Like, if I see four of us interested in it are on, do I have permission to yoink you into a chat discussion? 

On RH progress, I did some work in setting up the pages for the 12 kingdoms, plus I started filling in the Akuniku page.  K also made the wiki spam-proof, cause she is boss like that.  


In other news, Pokemon Black continues to be awesome, the quake/tsunami in Japan continues to be horrifying in scope (holy shit the videos of the tsunami), and I made delicious blondies.

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Someone is working on Restless Heavens again :D   Just spent a half hour clearing all of the spam out of the wiki , need to fix things tomorrow so that only the moderator can edit stuff cause the spam was SO BAD GUYS I suck. 

(For all the new kids to my DW - The Restless Heavens, A Fracture in the Sea of Clouds is the Twelve Kingdoms RPG that I've had in the works for a year now.  Though due to moving across the country and general flakeyness I haven't actually worked on it in eight months.  Restless Heavens takes place in an AU version of the world - all of the mechanics and geography and etc are still the same as in the book/anime, but we are working with an entirely new cast of people, meaning Keiki and Youko and Rakushun never exist in the context of this game.  New sandbox, baby.)


HERE ARE MY THINKY THINGS ) I need to play more Pokemon (I need to play Pokemon my life depends on it), but I hope those of you who were interested in RH are still with me after all this!  Thank you! 
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So here is the extent of my Restless Heavens planning as of late:

 (12:16:50 AM):
if Tahorou is going to farm strange fruit, and more than likely he'd want to send some out as diplomatic gifts  
supasoc (12:17:05 AM): then I think he and Sourin together should invent the first fruit baskets in that world
filigreeingrid (12:17:36 AM): LOL *dies8
supasoc (12:17:53 AM): "You are going to send those out in a box? no no *whips out a basket and ribbons from the depths of her robe sleeves*"
supasoc (12:18:40 AM): Hanki:  ....... what
filigreeingrid (12:18:50 AM): LOOOL
supasoc (12:18:58 AM): I'm sure his has extra fruit and jam
filigreeingrid (12:19:22 AM): of course <3 and hair things
supasoc (12:19:41 AM): lol I imagined him taking the big red bow on the basket and putting that on his head
supasoc (12:19:45 AM): and having a happy moment
filigreeingrid (12:20:42 AM): ROFL tell Pixie

Also effffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Mr. Darcy.  Eff.  My mother must have read Pride and Prejudice while I was in the womb cause that guy is everything I wish my characters could be.  
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So anxiety is something that always hits me very hard, and that's what's been up with me for the past few days.  (Well, I also badly cut one of my index fingers at work, which has made typing a bit tough and way slow).  I'm incredibly anxious about moving, and about really stupid stuff too.  Like the possibility that my car explodes on the way and I lose everything, and have to use all of my funds to buy a new car to get out there.  Or getting robbed.   Or just underestimating how much money I needed in general, and ending up broke by May and unable to go to Fanime.  Or a thousand other things.  I just have to wait until my excitement overpowers my anxiety again.

This is my last week of full-time work at least, and next week I only work 17 hours.  Hurrah for that at least.  And my coworkers are all incredibly excited for me, which feels nice because I always felt that a lot of them couldn't give a shit about me one way or another.

Anyways, I just chilled out yesterday and filled out tax forms, and today I'm going to mail them out and try to get a few other odds-and-ends sorted out (like laundry, and sorting out my winter stuff from my summer stuff.)  I also hope the Goodwill takes the yarn/fabric I don't want.  Angie and I are going to eat at the downtown tonight, at Apollo Grill, which I always meant to eat at but never got around to XD 

Also, I have not forgotten about Restless Heavens!   Today and yesterday I've been reading A Thousand Miles of Wind, which is probably the most socio-political novel in the series, and taking down a shitload of notes.  Already I found a few major errors in information I had started to assemble on the Wiki, so in April I'll be able to go back and revise, and obviously finish the rest of the major articles.   While Tokyopop's translations are awesome to read while out and on the go, I recommend re-reading using the Eugene Woodbury translations, since he offers extremely helpful language and context notes for every chapter.  More than anything, his resource has been the most helpful to me so far.

Also I've decided that Sou accidentally (...sort of) gets plagued with pineapple trees.  Hee. 

Meme Questions 12-16 )


Shark in the Water - VV Brown

Conventional Friend - Cartel

Deep South - Cartel  (I wish this could be a Deon song, some of the lyrics are spot-on, but the LA LA I'M FROM THE  DEEP SOUTH part doesn't fit at all for obvious reasons.  However, I might make a Southern gentlemen character from it XD  For either CoMi or Mystics of Tarot, depending.) 


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Might or not be a total flake-out for the next few days, due to massive stress and Issues.   Will be around as I can be <3


Stuff has been written and updated on the wiki! 
  (It might be easier to go and check the Recent Updates for that tho)

Pages now for:

- Akuniku
- Sen-nin
- Treasures
- Recommended Reading

And the Kings page is still half-done, but it does have more info than before. 

I have a whole Thing in my head that I want to write down soon here, basically outlining to all of you guys my vision for RH, and what I'm going to be expecting from players in terms of characters and storycrafting.  More in detail on that when I'm not in a semi-hysterical mood, but what I'm planning IS going to be more rigorous than what we all know in the games we are currently in.  If nothing else, I want RH to be about us expanding our skills and forcing ourselves out of our comfort zones in terms of building stories.  But more on this later.  I don't want anybody to be intimidated, but do be prepared to be challenged. 
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So the wiki is roughly as orderly as my bedroom (if you want to know how orderly that is, either look at the wiki, or have Angie take a picture of my room for you), and as of yet it is mostly stuff that had previously been in the Google Doc.  But PROGRESS.    Please do not try to sign up for the wiki though, as I'd like to keep it closed while it is under construction. 

If you look at the Application page, there is a basic application guideline set out, but it is subject to change.  You'll also notice that we're going to be wanting at least one paragraph about the given character's political beliefs, and this will apply to EVERY CHARACTER, even shusei and kaikyaku.   So that's one thing to think about with your character: how do they think one best rules a kingdom?

Anybody have any articles they'd like to request me to finish soon?  Any articles you'd want to see, period?

Also, I wanted to put in a page that is a 'Recommended Reading List' for Restless Heavens.  Obviously the 12K books are on there, but I want to pull together books on general politics/political philosophy and also Chinese/Japanese old culture and sociology (reading the extra reference materials isn't mandatory, of course).  I know I've been reading The Prince by Machavelli really only because of RH (...and because inner Warren wished me to), and it's been giving me a lot of ideas.  I want to reread some Confucius too, and perhaps read The Art of War.  So, anybody have any books you'd like to recommend?


Thank you for the comments the other night, guys.  I have determined to tell my boss early next week about my desire to quit, especially since that's the only thing on my mind lately.   I need change so badly that I'm going crazy for it.

As for tonight, you probably won't see me as I'm determined to do three things:

A) Finish reading The Prince

B) Finish the anime series Towards the Terra (FEATURING SPACE!KEIKI)


But I will see you dolls tomorrow <3
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Okay so.

Restless Heaven update is basically at the same place as it was last week , cause I had NO TIME this week to do anything resembling productivity.  I have been starting in on my definitions of Kings, Kirin, Sen-nin, and Sages at least.    You can see that updating here for now.

K has done me the honor of starting up a wiki, and I will have some wiki entries up by next Friday though! 


Tomorrow is all about a mid-range anime marathon, lying in bed, yoga and maybe treadmill if I can figure out how to make it work, perhaps pancakes, and definitely some posting because there is a lot of stuff I fell behind on.    Have a few fic ideas rolling in my head, which is a nice feeling after that dry spell for a while.   Oh right, I have to do my taxes, and hope for a lot of shiny moneys.




So yeah, I can't WAIT to quit my job and go to Vegas.  Already looking at summer jobs and all.   The vacation not only filled my spirit with LOVE and ADORATION for everyone in Kingdom (also filled it with bizarre musings about Deon Sulu/Ari Cheklov/Mara Khan awkward OT3 during work but you know, that happens), but it really invigorated my confidence and makes me feel like I really CAN pull this all off.   It was exactly the vacation I needed, with exactly the right people, at the right time and place <3

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Restless Heavens @ Google Docs

Restless Heavens Character Sandbox @ Google Docs

Because of the massive influx of fail into my life this week, nearly jack has gotten done on RH T_T   Two bits of note:

1)  In nearly every regard, I do want the game to reflect Ono's world as closely as possible.  Some questions came up recently about issues like the non-existent practice of inheritance (the novel A Thousand Miles of Wind states this as fact) and also about gay marriage (since you kinda don't need male and female bits to create a Ranka baby).  It means a lot to me to stay as rigidly close to canon as logic will allow, and where a practice isn't specifically outlined in the novels, I will look to the inspirational periods in Chinese and Japanese history. marriage is not part of the picture, sorry kids.  I'm still on the fence about inheritance, and I will have to look into the Chinese/Japanese precident, and figure out if Ono was inspired by any system in particular. 

2) There will be two different kind of calendars in the game.  The first type, and the type more of the characters are likely to know, are based on the era system of dating - that the years are counted starting from the first year of the king's rule, and those era years keep on continuing until a new king is crowned (so if a king dies, the era is still named for him until a replacement is crowned).  The first type of calendar is going to be similar in terms of days of the week, weeks in a month, and the passing of a New Year, but each kingdom is going to be in a different era name and year.

Obviously it would suck for the players to have to keep up with 12 different calendars though.  So I added in a second kind of calendar, the Soinkaishi, which is basically our Gregorian calendar.  In-game, this is an obscure solar calendar which is used really only by historians and kaikyaku, but the players will also use it to help figure out where events in their kingdoms correspond on a master timeline.  So we can say that an event happened in 1903, and players will quickly be able to figure out what in their characters' histories corresponds with that date.  

In February, I want to start graphing out how I want the wiki to operate.  I am actually taking a LOT of inspiration from the game River Twine Holt  in general for RH, and I want to study their wiki, as well as Gesma's wiki, before I get down to organizing.  The temptation is high to just go in and start writing a lot of random articles, though I know that's a bad idea unless I have a sort of game-plan (plus I want to wait until all of you have read the books, cause maybe I can make wiki-writing monkeys out of you lot :D :D :D ) 

And two SHOUT OUT notes:

1!) BRING OUT YOUR LADIEZ FOR THIS GAME.  SERIOUSLY.  WE BETTER HAVE LIKE SIX FUCKING BADASS BITCHES RUNNING THESE KINGDOMS.  AND COME ON, FEMALE KIRIN, FEMALE CHOUSAI, FEMALE MINISTERS, FEMALE GENERALS... This game has so much potential for FEMALE EMPOWERMENT that I will cry into a hankie if it is not seized and abused.  (Before you wag your finger at me for having male king and male general, do know that I am planning to make a female Chousai :D )

2!)  HEY JUST BECAUSE I'M A SUCKER FOR THIS KIND OF THING:  PEOPLE WHO ARE SITTING ON KINGS AND KIRINS, DID YOU THINK ABOUT THEIR SHINY MAGICAL TREASURES YET :DDDDDDDDDD   Again, kings each get a sword named after their kingdom's animal and some natural element/object (like how Sou has the Ruby Horse Sword), and the sword can have a secondary magical power and some mindfuck capacity, ala Evil Sword Monkey.  Kirin get pretty pretty magical treasures with very sparkly and possibly powerful magic (some of the treasures may seem like they have useless powers, but then pull through in a dire situation).  Kirin treasures tend to be delicate and beautiful, in the shape of jewelry, gems, wands, even a book if you like. 

Okay now to sleep.  Maybe.

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The Restless Heavens Public Document @ Google Docs  (I think there was a problem when I posted the link last week, but this should be good)

Stuff that has been updated: 

- Some of the kingdom capital city/palace names.

- The tiers of civil and military structure in a kingdom.  So many titles to root through O_O    Working out the Royal Family's place in the civil service system.   Also trying to figure out which point in the civil service/military chain they stop giving out immortality status.

- Establishing which three kingdoms are definitely in decline.  I'm thinking Tai, Han, and En.  Tai recently lost their queen of 500+ years, and their new kirin may have already been born on Mt. Hou.   Han and En are in decline, but I'm not sure how deep they are in it, or the states of government in those two kingdoms presently. 

- Hanjyuu information.  I decided that to help explain the bias against Hanjyuu, that Hanjyuu chars actually spend the first 2-3 years of their life in baby!animal form, and are plucked from the egg that way.  This would explain a high abandonment rate for Hanjyuu, since people might be way put off by a baby that doesn't even look human :<   But if there is a canon source that runs contrary to this...please let me know?  I haven't found anything yet.  

- Starting on Shusei, Akuniku, and Youma information.  It actually occurred to me the other night, while rewatching the Taiki arc with Angie, that they do mention youma who have the ability to turn human.  We could abuse the CRAP out of this in-game. 

-  Some misc. notes about the census, inheritence (Hint: THERE IS NO INHERITENCE), marriage, assignments of land.  


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we also have...

The Restless Heavens Character Sandbox @  Google Docs  (please comment if you would like to join this one!)

We have the Character Sandbox up, which is just a place to flesh out character ideas, but I want to make it clear that none of these characters are considered canon or accepted until the game's reviewing process starts.  Even my characters are going to be up for the review block!   So joining the Sandbox does not mean that you get an auto-accept for your char, and likewise, don't consider anything in the Sandbox set in stone yet.  But join it anyways for knock-around fun!  DO IT.


Regarding the application process, there are two things I want to include in RH's that aren't standard for RPG applications:

1) An applicant must have either read the first novel of the Twelve Kingdom series, or watched the first anime arc (Shadow of the Moon, Sea of Shadows).   

2.  An applicant will be doing a writing sample for each character application they submit.  Writing samples must include dialogue, and be 500-1000 words long.

Now for #1, even my OH NO ELITIST GAME! radar is zinging off the hook.   The thing is, I do not want people to regard this game as LOL GENERIC FANTASY SETTING and start applying for characters without knowing how the world works.   To me, RH is an exploration in the same spirit of the novels - the characters within RH are struggling to figure out the mysteries of their own world and the laws that govern it, and to that end a player must have a taste of that spirit.  And really, if you are going to devote possibly years to this game, you really should devote six hours to the source material first.

I would not have considered #1 if there was not a free online translation of the first book available.  I also plan to actually mail my copy of the book to any person who is interested in reading it but cannot obtain/afford it (after Angie and my mom finish reading it)  ((uh I'm pretty sure my mom is not applying though)).   

For #2, I'm pretty certain about this rule.  In a person's application, I am most interested in seeing the character working in prose-form, so to me the writing sample is probably the most important part of these apps.  Now I'm only talking about 500-1000 words here for the writing sample, not pages.  Also in compensation, the actual application portion isn't going to be that big. 

In sort of a lulzy thing, whenever I get to writing the RPG Rules and Posting Requirements, I'm going to refer to it as "The Way".   So if a player starts disregarding the requirements, we can go around saying "BOB IS STRAYING FROM THE WAY".    Maybe send him pictures of sick giraffes to guilt him back into action.  

I plan on posting an update once a week, every Thursday or Friday <3   PLEASE leave comments for questions, suggestions, and criticism, darlings!  Also, people who have recently started the first book, what do you think of it so far?

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Restless Heavens Public Document @ Google Docs

I've been adding in more information about each kingdom, and I've been starting to define each character 'type' and also starting into the structures of the government and military.   I did give the Youma Hunters a name, Akuniku - basically, they are like the Shusei in that they are kingdom-less wanderers, but instead of plays and amusement, the Akuniku kill the shit out of youma plaguing countrysides in decline.  They might have some connection/relation to a Sen-nin from Mt. Hou, but I'm not sure yet (also tell me if Akuniku is a stupid name - it means 'butcher of evil' roughly so I thought that was neat XD ).

Lately, I've been hammering and debating and pondering some of the mechanics of the game as they relate to members. 

-  I talked with a few different people about the character limit on Kings and Kirin.  The reason why I want to keep it at only one King OR Kirin (alive as of 2005) is in case the game explodes and suddenly there are twenty players, so that people don't feel like they have lost out on a shiny just because they are late (I do not want to be like a game I will not mention but most of you remember).   However, the flip-side is the possibility of not having that many players, and then we have half of the world's government missing.  So I'm thinking of having a delay before people are allowed to go for that second King or Kirin (well, you can't have two Kings, if you have a King already your second must be a Kirin, and vice-versa).   You must have been active for at least 4-5 months, and have reached a certain quota of stories already.  

I like the delay idea because, 4-5 months into the game, we should have a good idea of how big the game is going to remain, and plan accordingly.  Plus, I think the game/plots would survive 5 months with missing figures, while I know that it wouldn't be able to continue indefinitely that way.

- As of yet, I don't have a character limit set on TOTAL chars a person can have.  In fact, I think with a world this big, it would be reasonable for a person to have 6 player-characters, honestly.  However, like the King/Kirin issue, certain types would be rationed out - each person allowed one Taika, one Hanjyuu, two non-royal Sen-nin (but in different capacities - like if I had one military Sen-nin and one civil servant), Shusei, Akuniku.   That should be plenty of shiny for everyone, really.

-  I am kicking back and forth the necessity of having story quotas.  For example, must write at least one 1000 word story every three months, or contributed in a tag at least 1000 words worth.   I think this is very necessary, cause I personally don't want to have to worry about deadweight players (obv. if there is an excuse, that is different).  However, I want to know how other people have felt about games with story quotas, and how their experiences in such games where.   Any opinions?  Recommendations? 


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