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I made a thing.

a painted thing! )
In other news, I've actually had a super-crazy social calendar recently.  Just this weekend I actually went to a party, volunteered at an Oktoberfest (pulling Sam Adams - my hands smelled noxious for a while afterwards), and a book club.  I have three board game group meetings this week, a Game of Thrones D&D session tomorrow*, plus planning for the company Halloween thing.  It's different because usually I have zero social calendar at all, but obviously I'm driving in the 'too much stuff' direction and will have to come back to center eventually.

A nice thing is that I've started going to the gym every morning for a 40 minute workout, and then going into work.  I've found that I have more energy at the workout and in work afterwards as opposed to the afternoon workouts.  This is in the hope I lose some weight so I might reasonably be able to hack together a Miraculous Ladybug cosplay next year (it is a full body-suit thing and I don't want to put other people through undue distress.)

*I've actually been wanting to do a D&D style campaign for a long time now, but had trouble finding a group I wanted to be with.  This GoT group is on the newb side, but since I'm a newb too, that's cool.  I'm playing a septon on a secret mission, played by Jeremy Irons and he will be so badass nobody can handle it. 
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 Hi.  Figured I should update on what's going on. 

leopard headed men, alien gladiatorial games in a public library, cat shooting lasers from its eyes )

Still really freaking obsessed with that Ladybug trailer.  I actually joined Tumblr last week for the sole reason of following the fandom D: save me (totally requesting the series for Yuletide, however :D )
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YO.  I'm on the Internet, and I'm ALSO 10,000 ft above the ground.  SCIENCE, YOU ARE WONDERFUL.  I can see the fog rolling in over the mountains from the ocean right now.  I think I'm somewhere south of Caramel at the moment, but I'm pretty bad at gauging distances so who knows. 

Spent a long weekend in Vegas, which was more than long enough when you are dealing with your entire family.   We saw the Beatles' LOVE Cirque show which I have to say I did not enjoy for a few different reasons, but a few of those reasons come down to resentments that are utterly unrelated to the show so don't let my cranky opinion deter your enjoyment of it.  The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay was cool, being together with both my brothers for the first time in years was by far the best part.  Next time, I'm bypassing my parents' house and staying on the Strip, so I can load my days with more unnecessary shopping (bought three pairs of shoes this trip). 

Happy to get back to San Jose, the land of perfect beautiful weather and perfect humidity and also my pretty apartment.  The weather in Vegas was horrible, not so much the heat as the dryness.  For my whole life I've been very sensitive to dryness, and even in the winters in New Jersey I was prone to nosebleeds.  So I was sneezing up blood clots in Vegas in no time, despite an ever-refilled water bottle (uh, TMI). Do not want to travel again for a few months at least. 

This week, I have to get my car re-registered and smog tested and whatnot, and uh probably change my address.  After that is done, finally getting myself a TV good for gaming.

I'm expecting K for the first two weeks of July!  dunno if I'll clean for her or anything like that - any one of you should be happy to be rolling around in my filth - but I am really looking forward to another opportunity to play host.  Hopefully we accomplish a lot by way of small adventures - another thing to do for the next two weeks, as I am pretty bad about planning shit. 

For fun stuff this week, I'm going to make Salty Caramel ice cream, with the intention of also making my own semi-solid fudge, cause I have a hard time dividing the experience of caramel from the experience of chocolate. 

I have a pair of socks to FINALLY finish knitting this week.  I am getting back on the writing train too - been working on RH articles again, plotting tags and some stories, and working on a Prometheus for Angie's game (unrelated to the Alien franchise movie.  My Prometheus has John Legend.) 

Final food for thought: regarding Cirque shows, I think that if any band deserves to have one, it would be Daft Punk.  I will try to fund this venture when I'm a billionaire.  
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My likelihood of having enough time/energy to complete a novel are very slim (I've been working 9-10 hours a day), and I'd really rather not stress myself sick in November.  So I'll be doing 31 days instead, one fic for each day.  I'm not even going to throw a word limit on things - I want to write a 1000 words a day, but if that is 500 of fic and the rest in tags, or in novella planning, then fine with me.  If my job had settled down by now, it'd be a different story, but there always seems to be one firestorm or another on, and right now I want to be at my most alert for work.

So my prompts will be coming from 31 Days, both from the October and the yet-to-be-revealed November prompts.  There are also the Carl Sagan prompts to pull from, and I need to build the list of songs I've always wanted to write fics to but never have.  I already have an idea-poster going for the October prompts so far - I'm really happy cause there is a lot I want to do with my newer characters (Endy, Joachim, Lola, Taka, Raiko, Kaito, and Suharto), which is nice cause I feel like my newer characters are shafted in terms of fics (I think only Taka and Suharto have completed fics so far, out of that list).  I miss being able to write fics as often as I did even six months ago, but November could be a hell of a catch-up.  And even if most of the fics for November are bad, at least that is exploring.

In other thrilling news, I am going to Portland next month!  An opportunity came up to meet up with [personal profile] ambientfiligree  there, and damn I haven't had a real exploration vacation in a year and a half.   (Not one that involves a plane ride, at least.  Carmel/Monterey for my birthday was hard to beat.)  It is my plan to (a) wander the shit out of Portland and (b) eat my weight in vegetarian cuisine.  I know the weather won't be amazing, but I don't caaaaaaaaaare I want to buy all the artsy things and eat all the non-meat things and see all the pretty outdoor things.

I don't think I have much other thrilling news XD I go to work and I come home, and I'm knitting and going to the gym as much as I can in-between.  I need to read more, oh well.  I am close to being able to do another Shit I Watch on Netflix post - I'm watching Vandread now (which is ALL OF THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT 90's ANIME), and would love to finish that before I dig into another one of those posts.  Right now, Kol and I are watching Work of Art, which is like our Project Runway if Project Runway didn't totally suck in all ways right now.  I don't even want to watch the finale tomorrow cause I don't feel like getting angry at it. 
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Fly was here yesterday! )
As for everything else going on - I'm reorganizing my room over this weekend, I'm putting together a package for K, I'm maaaaaaaybe buying some Threadless tee's while they have their $10 sale going on, I have some light work to do (but nothing that will require me getting out of my bed or too much brain-usage), have a call with Angie, plow through some tags, get some Nano plotting done, annnnnd maybe marathon a short anime series (maybe Kaze No Stigma).  Also I have knitting group tonight <3 yay  

But really, there is nothing I HAVE to do.  Which is the most excellent feeling of all, since all of my weekends have been pretty booked XD  HURRAH.  
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Already did three outstanding tags today - want to do at least three more, all of them for Pax.  I felt really ashamed and stupid for getting depressed right after I put up the Superbowl thing (because my work slapped me in the face the day before), and was dragging my feet on everything there cause I feel like a loser.  But I got to get back up , cause there were a pile of plots I still wanted to get to in that world.  I'm really sorry for being a flake.  

Other plans for the day include:

- Going to the mall to fix my schedule for next week (they put me on a full-time schedule next week, which sort of hampers my plans to go to Vegas for a few days

- Finish cleaning my room

- Go to the recycling center (or at least pack the recycling into my car so I can go tomorrow)

- Stuff some more storage under my bed and find a ghetto tablecloth cover for my 'kitchen' counter

- Work a little on the Important Links for the Kingdom application forums

- Take a Long Walk

- Watch Drag Race hell yeah

- I did a sketch-art of Franjo and now that I know what he looks like, I could start doing his NPC profile over the weekend.  I love that guy so much and I'm happy to give the older senshi another person they can relate to.

Doing my taxes was like a second Christmas for me, guys.  What I got back can seriously fund my job-hunt for another month and a half.  I have no worries about being able to swing Otakon Fanime now.

SO HAPPY TO HAVE THAT JINN ARTICLE DONE WITH.  I don't think any of the other articles will be quite as gnarled as that one.  I've actually been kicking around making a Succubus Jinn for the past few days, someone who is in one of the two Jinn Gangs, I'll just have to think more about what the game needs.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit the library to gather more job-hunt info, and to get a rough of my general-purpose cover letter done.  I want to try to make a library visit something I do at least twice a week.  I will spam my app after I have my Vegas visit, but I'm enjoying catching up on cleaning and other things I let fall behind over the winter.





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