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  • Knitting.  Lots of knitting.  I've finished six projects in the past three months (two hats, dance socks, arm warmers, a scarf-hood, and a dwarven battle bonnet).  Nearly done a honeycowl for my brother's girlfriend. 
  • Getting more aggressive on eating right and exercising daily.  Hoping to lose 10-20 pounds by Fanime.  At the very least, I'm eating out less and spending less money on food, which is awesome.  With the increased daylight, it is getting easier for me to exercise in the evening as well (and hopefully I can start biking soon too).
  • Tomorrow I will FINALLY buy the geta I need for Lime's shoes.  The plan thus far will be: geta for the bottoms, a pair of Crocs glued/nailed into the geta, foam over the Crocs to carve out the rounded shape of the shoe, muslin on top of that, and finally cover it with yellow and white vinyl.  I imagine it will take most of February to make them, but the rest of the cosplay should be EASY compared to those.
  • A week from tomorrow, I will be in Vegas again!  This is to give a presentation with my boss at the Big Data Innovation convention there.  With all of the people there who work at the big shiny companies which I love (including Etsy, zomg) I'm hoping that I don't puke on stage, or at the very least, that I don't embarrass myself too much in front of all of the most influential people in my field D: 
  • Playing Super Paper Mario for Wii and DAYUM that shit is cute.
  • Lots of social stuff, lots of Meetups and groups and stuff.  Starting to do more volunteering as well - aiming to do two volunteer activities a month if possible (one of them is a charity knitting thing, which is relatively easy to commit to).  Doing a day at Second Harvest in early February as well.  
  • Fuck I actually read a book this month, and I'm reading another now too. 
  • I am now the Reigning Monarch for the Arcadia game!  Arcadia is a far-future dystopian steampunk/dieselpunk Sailor Moon game which Brenna started and all of us players obsessively loved, and after it stalled out for a while, I decided that I personally wanted to see it come back.  I play Sailor Orpheus (emo rock sitarist, of course), and also Queen Sin Bendis, who is quite literately the princess's Evil Cyborg Aunt who steals away the rightful rule of the Vega system.  (I also play a dude who hangs out with Cubchoo and Delibirds on the ice planet).  I am way super excited about this and really looking forward to writing in that world again.  
    • The link I provided, btw, is quite a bit outdated, but hopefully good enough for you to get an idea of what is going on.
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That Year in Review thing. I liked how prodigy did it, I'll add in a few more subjects.


FINALLY, let's throw some meme flavor into here. If you write the phrase ADVENTURE POODLE in a comment, I will respond with 3 questions about how your 2012 went, and what you plan for 2013! You could respond in my comments, or pay it forward and into your own journal.

Have a great 2013 everyone! GET CRUNK TOMORROW.  I'mma drink and slash some necks, hi Assassin's Creed.
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 Mostly a HEY I'M ALIVE post.

Stuff I've been up to, including Mythbusters, a dwarven battle bonnet, and Hawaii )

Well I was going to do nothing tomorrow, but a board game meetup came up and I am compelled to go (it is a strategy board game meetup too - I really love these games like Dominion and Talisman and Lords of Waterdeep).   I should probably go somewhere and work on my Yuletide as well, cause I do nothing here at the apartment except play Pokemon and watch Teen Wolf because I don't know.


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