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I need to do stuff tomorrow, and I'm going to have a chat room open in case you want to do stuff too (with the company of others)! Hell, it's not even a chat for any games in particular, or any writing period.  KNIT.  ART.  READ.  PRACTICE YOUR STEEL DRUMMING .  My goal is 8 tags tomorrow!  And to start my Herbivore knitting project, and possibly some work for work! 

So you can join in at the chat "Custos for President" from 1 PM to 5 PM PST (4 PM - 8 PM EST).  Maybe we can do some stupid games too, like a Round Robin or something neat.  


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Doing better after my meltdown earlier this week.  It really rolls on and off - and most of the time when I'm on the downer, it's while I'm at work.  WHICH WON'T BE A PROBLEM AFTER SATURDAY HELL YEAH.

I took a career assessment test today really just for fun, and to help me pull myself out of the "well, I guess Sales is the only thing I can do ever" slumpish mindset.  One thing that I've learned in the past few months which really helps me is that I used to feel a sense of personal failure when I haven't been able to stay organized, when I didn't have an interest in scheduling or handling logistical things, and when I just didn't care about sales and metrics.  It's really not because I suck, but more because certain things are a total non-interest to me.   And if I have no interest in them, I PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE DOING THEM AS A CAREER.

I'm really looking forward to helping Fyre at the Maker Faire this Sunday!  I love being around creativity and art, something which I don't get quite enough in my day-to-day life.  Then, FANIME THIS WEEKEND ZOMG FOREVER.  THE JAPANESE VA FOR TUXEDO KAMEN WILL BE THERE, HOLD ME BACK LADIES.

And I get K starting on Monday, and Pixie starting on Thursday, and other peoples during the event itself.  I am going to weep in joy of all of this <3333
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I went to a resume seminar just now and it BLEW MY MIND.  Funny how you think you have something figured out, and then someone goes ahead and gives you a smackdown of information that sings to you.   I'm actually pretty excited right now.   (LIKE I DIDN'T REALIZE PEOPLE WERE PUTTING LINKEDIN PROFILES IN WITH THEIR CONTACT INFO.  THAT IS BRILLIANT.)   I also got un-scared from making a Summary for myself, since I didn't feel focused enough before to make one, and I learned a much better way to format my qualifications and experience - by a system of PSR - stating the problem you faced, the solution you found, and the results that came from it.  I might have to get creative on results because a lot of my accomplishments at Macy's fell into a black hole but it was a great, active approach.  I found a better format for my resume too, since the chronological format really doesn't work when you are changing fields or short on experience. 

So tonight I'll be creating a Master Resume full of everything I've ever done ever, and split it into two resumes - one for copywriting/proofing and one for HR.  I'm still struggling with HR cause I don't know how to get my foot in the door, especially without a certification.  But I'm going to get that HR resume checked-over by a (DIFFERENT) counselor and at least put in for temping.  

Thanks to Kol I have two wonderful pictures for my profile there too, and the one I don't use on LinkedIn I'll probably throw on Facebook.

Also a Kingdom question:  I've been making Kingdom avatars for my Rock Band game whenever I get the time, and I have Deon, Mara, Raquel, Dusty (a really horrible looking Dusty cause none of the skin or hair colors looks right), Val, Rae, Marcus, and Nate (because I might make Love Assault as an alt band).   If I made one of your Kingdom characters for this game, which one would you want me to go with?  What kind of clothing would they wear to a rock concert?  What instrument would they prefer - vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, or drums? 

It is actually really adorable watching Val go crazy over the drumset.  Dusty and Raquel are my current vocalists, which gets really funny when we are playing a twee poppy song.
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So only one day into Nanowrimo, I had a major melt-down.  Really bad.  Like 2-3 hours of K and Kol talking me down, and plenty of DBZ therapy to soothe my hurts.  It has boiled down to the fact that I can not physically handle my job for much longer.  I am falling apart at the seams, and I'm sure people have noticed but I have been a wrecking ball of butthurt and insecurity and insanity over the past two months (I am sorry).  So, Nanowrimo is now Jobowrimo.  The new goal is 1k a day of writing novel/tags, and the other 700 words has to be in some way related to job-hunt, whether it is logging my progress, doing exercises, or god forbid, writing resumes and cover letters.  LIKE A PIMP.

The goal is a new job by December 15th.  It almost doesn't matter WHAT, except it does, cause I want to pick something that makes me happy and I don't want to do worse than I am now.   It is really clear though.  At this point, I need to get out of Macy's or I will suffer a major breakdown.  

My mom sent me a book called What Color Is Your Parachute?, and that has become my project for the first week of this month.  My perpetual whinging has been "BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO AS A CAREER", and we are going to fix that NOW.

Here is one of the exercises I did today, and after that, one of the recommended career quizzes I did.  Please feel free to comment or correct me, or make observations that I've overlooked. 

Finding themes in what I want in a job )


This quiz came from the Princeton Review.   It was recommended by this page on the Parachute website.

Princeton Review Career Quiz )


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