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Long time no see XD I've been swamped by work over the past few months, especially recently (my job role changed somewhat).  

I've been trying to get back into writing, and part of that is haunting reddit's Writing Prompts subreddit.  This morning I found a prompt that really inspired me, "The town superhero and supervillain find out they were roommates all along".  It's the first thing I've written in months that I actually like.  When I'm stressed out, the first thing I do is hate on my writing ability, like a "HA! You suck and you are awful, and above all else you are a horrible writer too!"  It's not true and not kind to myself, and I can't let something that means so much to me slip away. 

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I've been thinking about where I need to go next in terms of writing. 

I'm not the type to forget or to bury my head )


RESTLESS HEAVENS CHATS WILL TAKE PLACE WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY of this week.   Mostly in the afternoons, probably starting at around 4 PM PST each.  The chat name will be KirinRibbonParty, so if I don't see you/get distracted by shinies/you are on invisible, you can invite yourself and at least I should be there.   EVERYONE IS INVITED, EVERYONEeven if you aren't yet sure what Restless Heavens is or joined in on the Sandbox or whatnot!   I will be there to teach and inform and also discuss the game!

Topics of discussion include reviewing over completed wiki articles (particularly kirin and kings, and the individual kingdom articles which should be at least half-completed by then), in-depth kingdom discussion, and debate over the application process.  

For the kingdom discussion, I am aware that I'm not the best world-builder, and I really want other people's eyes over what I already wrote, and other people's opinions as to how to make each kingdom unique and striking.  I know Ingrid was interested in having different fashion styles for each kingdom, and I'm interested in discussing social progress in the kingdoms and determining who is ahead in terms of equality and who is behind.    


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