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That Year in Review thing. I liked how prodigy did it, I'll add in a few more subjects.

WORK: Holy shit I had an amazing professional year, with some really great stuff lined up for the beginning of 2013, including going to the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City and actually SPEAKING AT A CONFERENCE in late January. Someone at my level couldn't even dream of having a talk at a conference with senior leveled people in my field in attendence (and these are people from Microsoft, LinkedIn, etc) but that's what's coming up. I got two promotions this year, and some cute little bonuses to end the year with (like the iPad mini I've been glued to for the last two weeks. I really need to get serious and pursue new skills in my field in early 2013, so I am as marketable as possible for my next job.

HOME: Moved into my spacious little studio, and even though I keep on talking about upgrading...there is really a lot I like about this apartment, like how the kitchen is its own room, and how I never hear my other neighbors, EVER, and how close I am to work. And my favorite knitting shop is moving across the for all of the hemming and hawing I do, I really like my place and it'll take a hell of an upgrade to get me to move on. Project for this month - get a taller stand for my TV, a new bookshelf, curtains to help keep in heat, rugs, and making my own pouf!

HEALTH: Actually a fine year in terms of health - there were two instances where I had to stay home sick, and my trigger symptom for stress changed from sore throats to a thing in my eye (think the dad from Daria). I've made big, big strides in my diet - I only have one soda a week now, virtually no sugary drinks except for honey in tea, lots of water, and now I'm holding myself accountable to a calorie counter, which has reduced the carbs I've been consuming. Bought a bike this year and was using it a lot more when the sun wasn't setting at 4 PM XD But have gotten into the habit of gym before work. Hoping to lose 20 lbs before Fanime.

SOCIAL: My biggest goal in 2012 was actually to improve my social skills and social life, which has worked fantastically. I now cycle between 6 groups on which I really like, have actually been to PARTIES and have fallen in love with strategy board games (even though I do really suck at them XD ). I also feel more socially confident at work and in my relationships with other people, including my family. The dating thing didn't work out, but I feel like I might be able to give that another shot this year.

CRAFTWERK: Shit I did a shitton of knitting this year, including my most complicated project to date, the Dwarven Battle Bonnet. Still have...5 presents to finish. I want to learn how to cable this year. I made my Musubi costume for Fanime this May and I really liked it - it was completely worth it to get nice fabric from Mood, and the mistakes I made this year will be really easy to fix for 2013. I'm building Lime from Saber Marionette J and also either Shauntal or Bianca from Pokemon for Fanime 2013. I have a dress I want to sew for myself, and my pouf. I started painting again this year and am starting to go to a monthly meetup related to drawing and painting so I can keep on going. I've been doing a hell of a lot of cooking this year, including lots of ice creams and pizza. Per usual.

READING/WRITING: MISERABLE FAILURES but that's okay, considering I got a lot of other things done. I might not have read anything this year if not for the book club I joined (the best book I read this year was Hunger Games, which shows you how far I got in expanding my horizons). Least favorite, by far, was Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson. For writing I remember making 5 fics I think, none of them tremendous works of art. I did enjoy writing my Yuletide fic this year, and I enjoyed writing the fairytale story for Fly in February and the Ice Guardians story in September.

MOVIES/TV:  Much better year for movies than I expected - I can't call a favorite, except that it is a very tight draw between Wreck It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians, and Hunger Games.  Avengers was also about 50 times better than I expected.  I got intensely obsessed with Mythbusters this year, which is like my lullaby before I go to sleep these days.  I watched all of Teen Wolf and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, both which were a billion times better than I thought they would be.  For anime I watched Ouza (okay), Guin Saga (AWESOME), Folktales from Japan (SUGOI), Queen's Blade (BOOBIES), Puella Magi Madoka Magica (WUNDERBAR), but my favorite by a long shot was Fate/Zero.  

GAMING/TECH:  I have a WiiU!  And I'll like it better once it has more games to it (THE OLD NINTENDO SONG AND DANCE, WHAT CAN YOU DO).  My brother did give me Assassin's Creed 3, which I'll start playing tomorrow night.  It was a badass year for the Nintendo 3DS this year - I played through the Ocarina of Time remake, Tales of the Abyss, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (MY FAVORITE), Pokemon Conquest, and Pokemon White 2.  The gods were very kind to give me TWO Pokemon games this year, and also a Kingdom Hearts game which showed my babyboo Riku a lot of love.  

As for tech, in a matter of two months I went from having no TV, an ancient iPod, and a dumbphone to a smartphone, two tablets, and a huge ass HDTV.  Okay sure I'll take it.  

ADVENTURES: I took a week and a half vacation to Pennsylvania and Washington DC this year, which was badass. I had Fanime, ALSO AWESOME AND A HALF. Kay visited me in July for almost two weeks, and I really liked having her around and doing adventures and having a goddamn guest in my apartment. And just yesterday I returned from a vacation to Las Vegas (with a swing down to Santa Barbara to find that Charis lives the fucking high life). Also Fyre and I did LOTS AND LOTS of small day things, like we learned how to make glass beads, went to a huge foodtruck rally in San Francisco, macaroon class, and took an adventure to Half Moon Bay with Pixie which was really charming. Adventures in 2013 will include: Vegas again, Salt Lake City (never been), New Orleans (never been, also ANGIE), probably New England in late spring, and probably Hawaii in the fall, plus definitely another weekend trip to south California, which is not the pit of hell which everyone in NoCal lead me to believe. 

FINALLY, let's throw some meme flavor into here. If you write the phrase ADVENTURE POODLE in a comment, I will respond with 3 questions about how your 2012 went, and what you plan for 2013! You could respond in my comments, or pay it forward and into your own journal.

Have a great 2013 everyone! GET CRUNK TOMORROW.  I'mma drink and slash some necks, hi Assassin's Creed.
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