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 Howdy Yuletide Santa!
Thank you in advance for setting out to make gift fic for me!  I have been absent from Yuletide for a few years but excited to get back into it.  
Generally I'm easy to please, but I will lay out here things I like and don't like, and some suggestions.  I am really interested if you follow your heart and inspiration in a fic, so definitely use what I say as a guideline but not a prescription.  I want to see your POV on this fandom we both love!
Thank you again!  Please don't feel hedged in by my suggestions, and if the story you write takes you in a new and exciting direction, let it happen :3  Have a great season!

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Long time no see XD I've been swamped by work over the past few months, especially recently (my job role changed somewhat).  

I've been trying to get back into writing, and part of that is haunting reddit's Writing Prompts subreddit.  This morning I found a prompt that really inspired me, "The town superhero and supervillain find out they were roommates all along".  It's the first thing I've written in months that I actually like.  When I'm stressed out, the first thing I do is hate on my writing ability, like a "HA! You suck and you are awful, and above all else you are a horrible writer too!"  It's not true and not kind to myself, and I can't let something that means so much to me slip away. 

@ Reddit

@ Google Drive
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Extremely happy over all of the new Super Smash Bros. news.  They are bringing back Zero Suit Samus and Sheik as individual fighters (I think we are the closest to an equal gender spread as we've been for a while), and they are bringing in Charizard and Greninja as fighters.  Charizard I think is an interesting case because Bowser is the only other monster-ish fighter in the game - most of the others either play like humans or play like pink blobs.  I am all aboard the hype train for Greninja because I love the ninja-styled fighters in SSB, and I LOVE GRENINJA, who is tied with Feraligatr for my favorite starter Pokemon.    

So happy that the 3DS version is coming out this summer.  As soon as I see it, I'm preordering.  Of course I'm going to get the WiiU version too, and hold lots of Smash parties.  

They revealed that you can play Wii Fit Trainer as a female or as a male, and also showed an alternate skin for Little Mac from Punch-Out.  This still gives me hope for really good alternate costumes for the characters - not just palette swaps, but real costume changes.  Like one of Peach's alternate forms being her badass Fire Flower outfit from Super Mario 3D World, or her racing suit from Mario Kart.  Still holding out hope that one of Kirby's alternate costumes is his Epic Yarn appearance.

As for speculation: still certain that Capt. Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff will return.  I'm especially certain about Da Jiggles because in the Pokemon games she just gained new powers, and I feel like they would want to refresh a veteran fighter like her with that updated skillset.  That just leaves four more mystery fighters, assuming that the cap is 28 - I think Meta Knight is a safe bet and another Fire Emblem character is also near-certain. Ganondorf, not sure about him - it seems strange that we have the antagonists for Mario and Kirby but not for Zelda.  My money would be on Wind Waker Ganondorf appearing.  I wish we could get Prince Fluff or Groose as surprise fighters.  Groose better at least be an assist trophy.  Out of left field, I think everyone would shart themselves if Bayonetta was the last mystery fighter.  I hope it happens.
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Gots stuff going on!  From Monday to the following Sunday, for example, I'll be house sitting in Berkeley!  It is totally like a vacation for me, cause I get to play with Fyre's cats and eat all of the good Berkeley foods and get down with a backlog of stuff to do.  

1.  Cooking for a cookie exchange on Sunday!  I think I'm going to opt for lazy and make no-bake cookie dough chunks (with a dark-chocolate shell).   And thinking of making some kind of bread for my boss and his family for the holiday.  

2. Get over my sore throat ;_;  waaah

3. Read a book????? I really suck at reading.  I have "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell to read for non-fiction book club, and then "Magic Bites" by Ilona Andrews for sci-fi/fantasy book club.  

4. Arcadia stuffs!  Housekeeping and trying to fix the weird bullet problem with subaccounts.  And I'm nearly done with my Custos app too (CUSTOS).

5.  Goal of at least 4 tags <3 

6.  While I'm in Berkeley, I really want to hit up their local yarn shops, including "A Verb For Keeping Warm", which is one of the top stores in the country for learning about naturally-dyed yarns.  For knitting projects, I cleared through my gifts, and now I'm working on a linen-stitch scarf, a circular bulky alpaca cowl, and a teal-and-grey striped sweater!  But I have to start planning for some baby knits coming up soon (a nice change of pace).  

7. Start a new video game!  One of my traditions for Christmas is usually a long-haul video game playthrough.  Not sure what I'll pick for the playthrough - it could be anything from Wind Waker to the new Phoenix Wright to Pokemon Y (...I've found that I'm incapable of overwriting my Pokemon X account, so I might have to start fresh with a new game T_T)

8. Walking adventures in pretty Berkeley <3 Bought myself some new Vibram toe-shoes to adventure in as well.

Have a good holiday everyone!
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 1)  There is an application awaiting review!  All members (save for one) have a link to the Google Drive review form in their PM box over there.  Consider making it so that you are notified by email whenever you get a PM - I certainly won't spam you, and it will keep you in touch with your fellow players.

2)  I am not dead, I have just been steamrolled by work.  However, I have the next week off of work for vacation (and Casa Derpin'), so there will be visible changes on the forums.  This includes some rearranging of the RP forums so they are arranged by planet!  I'm working on 2 sentence blurbs for each sub-forum, but if you wanted to put forward some, please help me out :D 

3)  Our summer challenge ( is going to be running until Sept. 25th! Drag up the most depressing fic/art/playlist you have and contribute!

3) I have a secret exciting thing that I'll talk about more in the next update :D but it is secret and also very exciting, so more on that later.

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 All of the cool kids are posting updates so I will too.

- Two weekends ago I had my brother from NJ in town for 4 days, and we did a LOT.  We went to Outsidelands, which is the giant music festival in San Francisco.  I got front-row to see Zedd, while my brother crammed his way to the front of PAUL MCCARTNEY.  Who played for 3 hours straight.  I was more in the back of that show, but it was rad.  We also went to a Giants game that Sunday, which was SO MUCH FUN, more than I thought I would have there.  The stadium is A+!

- Work has been stressful, not so much because I'm busy but because the environment has been turbulent.  Guh.

- Haven't really been sleeping well either, but that is due to bad temperature control in my room this summer.  I go to sleep super-warm but wake up freezing.  Next year for sure, I'll make sure I have A/C available.  

- Reading a book??? I'm pretty ashamed of myself because I've been having a hard time forcing myself to sit down and read, but joining a few book clubs has helped out.  I'm reading "Mistborn" now, which is like a much better version of "Wheel of Time" + a female protag, and next will be "Paprika", which the anime movie was based on.

 - Decided that I'll be getting a Fiat as my next car!  For whatever reason the 2012 Fiats are coming into the used market at great prices, so I'll be snatching one of those boys up after my Casa Derp trip in September.  

- Oh yes, Casa Derp in mid-September so I can join them at Nauticon! My EXCITE is off the chart.  Angie will be hosting I think 20 panels too, and I get to play helper for one <3

- Very close to finished with two knitted sweaters.  I've also dyed my own yarn with natural dyes (black beans, blueberries, blackberries) and it turned out pretty awesome!  They were a bit paler than I thought, but I think that was due to the yarn, so I'll be experimenting with a few more kinds of fiber. 

- Alllllmost there with opening up Arcadia, just need to finish Application page, iron out inconsistencies and problems (like making sure all the fuku are described), and getting it ready for affiliates.

And that should be the biggest stuff right now!
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 I haven't updated in a while!
  •  Most pressing right now is that I jacked up my right hip last week T_T  I sprained one of the tendons on my hip joint, and the only thing you can do about it is ice, ibuprofen, and bed rest.   I'm not in pain like I've been over the past few days, but it'll be a few days yet till I can walk like normal. 
  • FANIME was a month ago and I haven't gotten to write about it yet.  Fanime actually was exactly what I needed - I felt slowly like I was getting buried in the monotony of adult life and adult jobs, and Fanime just made me feel happy and young and excited about anime and video games in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time.  We exhausted ourselves stupid with all of the fun events this year.  I had a really successful cosplay run too - at the end of this post, I'll have the link to my Shauntal cosplay pictures!  Obviously Pixie and K are good peoples, and we got surprise! guest visits from Fyre, Desnik, and Kol!  
  • And I got to keep Kay for an extra week after Fanime, which is nice.  I'm so used to living alone that interacting with friends IRL is more the exception than the rule, plus we ate at Sushi Confidential twice and go to Mitsuwa supermarket (DONGO), which I don't do enough on my own.  
  • Finally jumped on the Minecraft train~  You would think I'd dive into it earlier, but I have this stupid thing where I rebel against something that is popular for a few years, and then later come around to it and love it (Zelda, Pokemon, Harry Potter, etc). 
  • In addition, I bought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  You've probably heard everyone talking about New Leaf.  New Leaf will eat you alive.  Tom Nook will cash in your soul for pennies.  My town is called "Elysia" and my character is "Endymion", because I'm predictable, and I'm working on making his house with one floor looking like a Golden Elysium thing, and the second floor looking like Mamoru's canon bedroom.   Also, roses all the fuck around his house.   Gates to Infinity was fine, but I kind of play the Mystery Dungeon games for their plots (which tend to be really mind-fucking), but this one didn't have the same punch.  It was otherwise cute.  Once I'm over Minecraft, the next game on my list will either be Pikmin 3 or Pandora's Tower. 
  • Lol speaking of games, Microsoft lololololol I have no idea who on that side thought they could get away with that bullshit.
  • Knitting up a storm still - made my mom a shawl for Mother's Day and my dad a pair of socks for Father's Day, finished a pair of purple rainbow legwarmers for myself, and now alternatively working on a project for someone else AND a Roimata Scarf for myself, using bright purple yarn and golden lyre buttons.  
  • The best television show you can watch right now is Attack on Titan - I'd recommend this even to people who don't know anything about anime, it's so intense and high-stakes and you will be emotionally punched in the face every single episode.  Mikasa is my spirit animal, though I love the trio of her, Armin, and Eren (Eren is definitely inspired by Heero Yuy, can't convince me otherwise)..  [Watch opening credits]  [Watch on Crunchyroll] 
  • Gonna do another Arcadia push later this week - it really doesn't have far to go till it's ready!
And now, a link to my Shauntal Fanime pictures:  The Pokemon Gather was EPIC, definitely over 150 people in costume.  In the first picture, I'm the one in the purple bob wig on the lower right next to Gary Oak.  

I was Shauntal, a Ghost-type Elite Four member (, and it was the first cosplay that I did that was a lot of instant-gratification cause people recognized me, wanted pictures of me, and liked the outfit overall <3333   I'm so pleased and thanks to K and Pixie for helping me out (ESPECIALLY WITH THAT MASSIVE COWL).   

For next year's cosplays, I have three big ones in mind - Priestess Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi (I was thinking of commissioning a Tamahome bodypillow to make it obvious who I am), genderbent Yugi from YGO (based on this fanart:, and/or Lime from Saber Marionette J.  The Yugi is the one closest to being a sure thing, and K and I might be knitting the cardigans in that pretty pink color (but doing a Yugi wig will be 12 kinds of fun).  
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 By popular demand!  What Sage is up to. 


Last, but not least, this Thursday night, the local theater is playing Spaceballs :D :D :D 

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Stolen nefariously from [personal profile] twistdfateangel  :
I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's Parker... she likes money and cereal." I'd love it if everyone who's friended me did this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer.

And just to save you guys some time - I love money and I hate cereal.  

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  • Knitting.  Lots of knitting.  I've finished six projects in the past three months (two hats, dance socks, arm warmers, a scarf-hood, and a dwarven battle bonnet).  Nearly done a honeycowl for my brother's girlfriend. 
  • Getting more aggressive on eating right and exercising daily.  Hoping to lose 10-20 pounds by Fanime.  At the very least, I'm eating out less and spending less money on food, which is awesome.  With the increased daylight, it is getting easier for me to exercise in the evening as well (and hopefully I can start biking soon too).
  • Tomorrow I will FINALLY buy the geta I need for Lime's shoes.  The plan thus far will be: geta for the bottoms, a pair of Crocs glued/nailed into the geta, foam over the Crocs to carve out the rounded shape of the shoe, muslin on top of that, and finally cover it with yellow and white vinyl.  I imagine it will take most of February to make them, but the rest of the cosplay should be EASY compared to those.
  • A week from tomorrow, I will be in Vegas again!  This is to give a presentation with my boss at the Big Data Innovation convention there.  With all of the people there who work at the big shiny companies which I love (including Etsy, zomg) I'm hoping that I don't puke on stage, or at the very least, that I don't embarrass myself too much in front of all of the most influential people in my field D: 
  • Playing Super Paper Mario for Wii and DAYUM that shit is cute.
  • Lots of social stuff, lots of Meetups and groups and stuff.  Starting to do more volunteering as well - aiming to do two volunteer activities a month if possible (one of them is a charity knitting thing, which is relatively easy to commit to).  Doing a day at Second Harvest in early February as well.  
  • Fuck I actually read a book this month, and I'm reading another now too. 
  • I am now the Reigning Monarch for the Arcadia game!  Arcadia is a far-future dystopian steampunk/dieselpunk Sailor Moon game which Brenna started and all of us players obsessively loved, and after it stalled out for a while, I decided that I personally wanted to see it come back.  I play Sailor Orpheus (emo rock sitarist, of course), and also Queen Sin Bendis, who is quite literately the princess's Evil Cyborg Aunt who steals away the rightful rule of the Vega system.  (I also play a dude who hangs out with Cubchoo and Delibirds on the ice planet).  I am way super excited about this and really looking forward to writing in that world again.  
    • The link I provided, btw, is quite a bit outdated, but hopefully good enough for you to get an idea of what is going on.
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That Year in Review thing. I liked how prodigy did it, I'll add in a few more subjects.


FINALLY, let's throw some meme flavor into here. If you write the phrase ADVENTURE POODLE in a comment, I will respond with 3 questions about how your 2012 went, and what you plan for 2013! You could respond in my comments, or pay it forward and into your own journal.

Have a great 2013 everyone! GET CRUNK TOMORROW.  I'mma drink and slash some necks, hi Assassin's Creed.
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I am extremely happy right now. 

I totally just bought an animation cel from the aborted US version of the Sailor Moon cartoon.  <eBay link for the others>

I was pretty damn sure that I'd end up buying one of these things, since the Saban Moon (I know it really wasn't Saban, whatever) has been a long-time obsession of mine, to the point where I even co-ran a game based in part on it (and would want to start another but I know that I'm not responsible enough at this point to give it the love it needs T_T  Ingrid still indulges me with plotting bits out though).  I had been holding out for a good Endymion for the past month, and now have been rewarded.  

So when the first cel featuring Endymion (they call him Prince Darien in the leaked script but no, I'm not, screw them) showed up, it was really just a back shot of him, and the instant impression was that they just traced a Prince Phillip and recolored it.  But I am deeply pleased with seeing his face for the first time, because I really dig the broad chin, cheek, and nose on him.  I love that his hair is a bit scruffy.  I really love the emotion on his face, which I guess is impassive resignation at having to kill whatever it is on his right with a 10 foot yellow pole.  But it is real emotion and damn it, I had really expected Toonmaker's Endymion to be a lifeless blowup doll with no emotions and well, maybe not!  He emotes better than all of the Sailor Moon cel pictures I've seen, even.

But I really bought it cause LOOK AT THOSE PINK GLOVES.  

(His outfit here is still better than the PGSM outfit.)

((For anyone still horrified that I actually spent money on this - it was less than $50.  Apparently the seller thought Endy would go for a lower price than the girls.  GOOD FOR ME I SAY.  Plus I've done donations to charity this month and will do more next month, so I am totally morally entitled to a piece of stupid bad self-indulgent art.))

Not only that but Angie bought me a pink Tuxedo Mask wallet while she was at Anime USA ;_; I have the best friends.  
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 Mostly a HEY I'M ALIVE post.

Stuff I've been up to, including Mythbusters, a dwarven battle bonnet, and Hawaii )

Well I was going to do nothing tomorrow, but a board game meetup came up and I am compelled to go (it is a strategy board game meetup too - I really love these games like Dominion and Talisman and Lords of Waterdeep).   I should probably go somewhere and work on my Yuletide as well, cause I do nothing here at the apartment except play Pokemon and watch Teen Wolf because I don't know.

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(I will try to write in more later, a bit busy at the moment D:  But I deeply appreciate you taking the time to look over my letter, and I hope I can give you some ideas to work with!  By and large I'm easy to please, though I do have a list of PLEASE DO NOT DO further down )
Generalities about things I like! )Generalities of what I like! )
Specifics on Fandoms! )
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I made a thing.

a painted thing! )
In other news, I've actually had a super-crazy social calendar recently.  Just this weekend I actually went to a party, volunteered at an Oktoberfest (pulling Sam Adams - my hands smelled noxious for a while afterwards), and a book club.  I have three board game group meetings this week, a Game of Thrones D&D session tomorrow*, plus planning for the company Halloween thing.  It's different because usually I have zero social calendar at all, but obviously I'm driving in the 'too much stuff' direction and will have to come back to center eventually.

A nice thing is that I've started going to the gym every morning for a 40 minute workout, and then going into work.  I've found that I have more energy at the workout and in work afterwards as opposed to the afternoon workouts.  This is in the hope I lose some weight so I might reasonably be able to hack together a Miraculous Ladybug cosplay next year (it is a full body-suit thing and I don't want to put other people through undue distress.)

*I've actually been wanting to do a D&D style campaign for a long time now, but had trouble finding a group I wanted to be with.  This GoT group is on the newb side, but since I'm a newb too, that's cool.  I'm playing a septon on a secret mission, played by Jeremy Irons and he will be so badass nobody can handle it. 
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 Hi.  Figured I should update on what's going on. 

leopard headed men, alien gladiatorial games in a public library, cat shooting lasers from its eyes )

Still really freaking obsessed with that Ladybug trailer.  I actually joined Tumblr last week for the sole reason of following the fandom D: save me (totally requesting the series for Yuletide, however :D )
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Also, Kol showed me a promotional video for an upcoming anime called Ladybug.  I was like "okay sure".  And now I'm like "MUST OBSESSIVELY WATCH THIS PROMO LIKE A BILLION TIMES IN A ROW".  I kinda sort of have the feeling that Chat Noire (catdude) is going to be a favorite of mine.  Just a hunch.

(I unf really hard at 1:44.  I love it when boys get transformation sequences.)

Ladybug herself gives me a bit of a Freakazoid! vibe.  Awesome.
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 Sage  ROFL

 filigree ingrid 

    how much better would have Twilight been
    if it was Link instead of Jacob

 filigree ingrid 
    if it was Zelda?

    and Groose instead of Edward

 filigree ingrid 
    It's incalculable
    and this is why I love you
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 I'm making a post because I feel like I need to confirm my own alive-ness.  

....and now that is done, I'll play more Pokemon Conquest O_O... 

Okay well, other than my need to beat the shit out of armies of Pokemon to further my warlord ambitions, work has been busy and uh something really loud exploded outside of my window (maybe a firework, it's the Stupid Exploding Things time of year, and I think that's why I like 4th of July the LEAST out of the holidays, just barely more than Thanksgiving).   Uh train of thought.  Work is busy, especially since we launched a few new initiatives that I have to report on, and I feel like I've been flying all over the place myself.  Sometimes literately, as I went to see my family in Vegas recently, but even in San Jose I feel like my life is jam-packed.

Also I GET AN INGRID ON THURSDAY :D :D :D  party party party we have so much planned for the week and a half she's here XD it will be great

Random notes: I have one or two Guest Passes to, which is an anime/asian drama version of Hulu.  If you want one, PM me with your preferred email and I'll send it to you.  The membership fee of only like, $8 a month is well worth it for the anime available, especially as I've kinda gotten bored with the anime selection on Netflix.  

Also randomly, my new TV is getting delivered tomorrow, except that I might return it immediately cause I just found out that one of my connections works for the manufacturer of the TV I bought, and offered to get me the same TV at the shiny discount price.  WTF random but awesome, it's good to socialize sometimes APPARENTLY.   

None of my terrible Korra pairings came true and I'm a bit sad about that :<   Guess I'll find myself a ficathon or dig myself a hole in or something.  

(she should have gotten with him cause he has floppy purple hair)

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YO.  I'm on the Internet, and I'm ALSO 10,000 ft above the ground.  SCIENCE, YOU ARE WONDERFUL.  I can see the fog rolling in over the mountains from the ocean right now.  I think I'm somewhere south of Caramel at the moment, but I'm pretty bad at gauging distances so who knows. 

Spent a long weekend in Vegas, which was more than long enough when you are dealing with your entire family.   We saw the Beatles' LOVE Cirque show which I have to say I did not enjoy for a few different reasons, but a few of those reasons come down to resentments that are utterly unrelated to the show so don't let my cranky opinion deter your enjoyment of it.  The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay was cool, being together with both my brothers for the first time in years was by far the best part.  Next time, I'm bypassing my parents' house and staying on the Strip, so I can load my days with more unnecessary shopping (bought three pairs of shoes this trip). 

Happy to get back to San Jose, the land of perfect beautiful weather and perfect humidity and also my pretty apartment.  The weather in Vegas was horrible, not so much the heat as the dryness.  For my whole life I've been very sensitive to dryness, and even in the winters in New Jersey I was prone to nosebleeds.  So I was sneezing up blood clots in Vegas in no time, despite an ever-refilled water bottle (uh, TMI). Do not want to travel again for a few months at least. 

This week, I have to get my car re-registered and smog tested and whatnot, and uh probably change my address.  After that is done, finally getting myself a TV good for gaming.

I'm expecting K for the first two weeks of July!  dunno if I'll clean for her or anything like that - any one of you should be happy to be rolling around in my filth - but I am really looking forward to another opportunity to play host.  Hopefully we accomplish a lot by way of small adventures - another thing to do for the next two weeks, as I am pretty bad about planning shit. 

For fun stuff this week, I'm going to make Salty Caramel ice cream, with the intention of also making my own semi-solid fudge, cause I have a hard time dividing the experience of caramel from the experience of chocolate. 

I have a pair of socks to FINALLY finish knitting this week.  I am getting back on the writing train too - been working on RH articles again, plotting tags and some stories, and working on a Prometheus for Angie's game (unrelated to the Alien franchise movie.  My Prometheus has John Legend.) 

Final food for thought: regarding Cirque shows, I think that if any band deserves to have one, it would be Daft Punk.  I will try to fund this venture when I'm a billionaire.  


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