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 All of the cool kids are posting updates so I will too.

- Two weekends ago I had my brother from NJ in town for 4 days, and we did a LOT.  We went to Outsidelands, which is the giant music festival in San Francisco.  I got front-row to see Zedd, while my brother crammed his way to the front of PAUL MCCARTNEY.  Who played for 3 hours straight.  I was more in the back of that show, but it was rad.  We also went to a Giants game that Sunday, which was SO MUCH FUN, more than I thought I would have there.  The stadium is A+!

- Work has been stressful, not so much because I'm busy but because the environment has been turbulent.  Guh.

- Haven't really been sleeping well either, but that is due to bad temperature control in my room this summer.  I go to sleep super-warm but wake up freezing.  Next year for sure, I'll make sure I have A/C available.  

- Reading a book??? I'm pretty ashamed of myself because I've been having a hard time forcing myself to sit down and read, but joining a few book clubs has helped out.  I'm reading "Mistborn" now, which is like a much better version of "Wheel of Time" + a female protag, and next will be "Paprika", which the anime movie was based on.

 - Decided that I'll be getting a Fiat as my next car!  For whatever reason the 2012 Fiats are coming into the used market at great prices, so I'll be snatching one of those boys up after my Casa Derp trip in September.  

- Oh yes, Casa Derp in mid-September so I can join them at Nauticon! My EXCITE is off the chart.  Angie will be hosting I think 20 panels too, and I get to play helper for one <3

- Very close to finished with two knitted sweaters.  I've also dyed my own yarn with natural dyes (black beans, blueberries, blackberries) and it turned out pretty awesome!  They were a bit paler than I thought, but I think that was due to the yarn, so I'll be experimenting with a few more kinds of fiber. 

- Alllllmost there with opening up Arcadia, just need to finish Application page, iron out inconsistencies and problems (like making sure all the fuku are described), and getting it ready for affiliates.

And that should be the biggest stuff right now!
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