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Extremely happy over all of the new Super Smash Bros. news.  They are bringing back Zero Suit Samus and Sheik as individual fighters (I think we are the closest to an equal gender spread as we've been for a while), and they are bringing in Charizard and Greninja as fighters.  Charizard I think is an interesting case because Bowser is the only other monster-ish fighter in the game - most of the others either play like humans or play like pink blobs.  I am all aboard the hype train for Greninja because I love the ninja-styled fighters in SSB, and I LOVE GRENINJA, who is tied with Feraligatr for my favorite starter Pokemon.    

So happy that the 3DS version is coming out this summer.  As soon as I see it, I'm preordering.  Of course I'm going to get the WiiU version too, and hold lots of Smash parties.  

They revealed that you can play Wii Fit Trainer as a female or as a male, and also showed an alternate skin for Little Mac from Punch-Out.  This still gives me hope for really good alternate costumes for the characters - not just palette swaps, but real costume changes.  Like one of Peach's alternate forms being her badass Fire Flower outfit from Super Mario 3D World, or her racing suit from Mario Kart.  Still holding out hope that one of Kirby's alternate costumes is his Epic Yarn appearance.

As for speculation: still certain that Capt. Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff will return.  I'm especially certain about Da Jiggles because in the Pokemon games she just gained new powers, and I feel like they would want to refresh a veteran fighter like her with that updated skillset.  That just leaves four more mystery fighters, assuming that the cap is 28 - I think Meta Knight is a safe bet and another Fire Emblem character is also near-certain. Ganondorf, not sure about him - it seems strange that we have the antagonists for Mario and Kirby but not for Zelda.  My money would be on Wind Waker Ganondorf appearing.  I wish we could get Prince Fluff or Groose as surprise fighters.  Groose better at least be an assist trophy.  Out of left field, I think everyone would shart themselves if Bayonetta was the last mystery fighter.  I hope it happens.


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