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I am extremely happy right now. 

I totally just bought an animation cel from the aborted US version of the Sailor Moon cartoon.  <eBay link for the others>

I was pretty damn sure that I'd end up buying one of these things, since the Saban Moon (I know it really wasn't Saban, whatever) has been a long-time obsession of mine, to the point where I even co-ran a game based in part on it (and would want to start another but I know that I'm not responsible enough at this point to give it the love it needs T_T  Ingrid still indulges me with plotting bits out though).  I had been holding out for a good Endymion for the past month, and now have been rewarded.  

So when the first cel featuring Endymion (they call him Prince Darien in the leaked script but no, I'm not, screw them) showed up, it was really just a back shot of him, and the instant impression was that they just traced a Prince Phillip and recolored it.  But I am deeply pleased with seeing his face for the first time, because I really dig the broad chin, cheek, and nose on him.  I love that his hair is a bit scruffy.  I really love the emotion on his face, which I guess is impassive resignation at having to kill whatever it is on his right with a 10 foot yellow pole.  But it is real emotion and damn it, I had really expected Toonmaker's Endymion to be a lifeless blowup doll with no emotions and well, maybe not!  He emotes better than all of the Sailor Moon cel pictures I've seen, even.

But I really bought it cause LOOK AT THOSE PINK GLOVES.  

(His outfit here is still better than the PGSM outfit.)

((For anyone still horrified that I actually spent money on this - it was less than $50.  Apparently the seller thought Endy would go for a lower price than the girls.  GOOD FOR ME I SAY.  Plus I've done donations to charity this month and will do more next month, so I am totally morally entitled to a piece of stupid bad self-indulgent art.))

Not only that but Angie bought me a pink Tuxedo Mask wallet while she was at Anime USA ;_; I have the best friends.  


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