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Guess which of my characters is bleeding to death (again!) )

I really want to plow though a number of my PW posts, maybe tonight if I have enough bandwidth.  

BUT FOR NOW I have just consumed some delicious falafel, and I am going to go to the gym once Kol is done with getting ready for her event!  We actually had a really good, really fruitful afternoon out doing shopping.  I have been wanting to get some nicer outfits for work, and between Express, Gap, and H&M I've been finding some really wonderful stuff.  

Going to the gym again is awesome <3 I am going to be heading into work earlier now, at about 8 AM, which will get me out at 4:30-5.  The plan is to do the gym after work, and get home by 6 to do Other Things.  Usually weight melts off of me as soon as I get exercising, so I'm looking forward to that.  Working close to a Trader Joe's has also increased my options for salads at lunch and healthier dinners for me to stack in the freezer and prepare when I get home.  I've also been starting my morning with protein shakes and Clif bars, and the protein is making a big-ass difference in my energy levels.  I need to get a set of vitamins to keep at work, and then I think I'll be onto a good start. 

One thing I used to love to do at the gym is play my Nintendo GBA/DS while on bicycle machines XD  I did buy a new video game with the gift card I won last week - Dragon Quest IX, because I really needed an RPG fix and the Wii don't have many RP games XD   It's decent, nothing earth-shattering, and kind of chill in the way that Final Fantasy isn't anymore.  It feels a lot like the old SNES RPGs, which is definitely refreshing.  Also, your party is completely customizable.  My player character is Sage, which of course is a purple-haired purple-eyed chick, and I made Deon, Val, and Rae characters in my party (Warrior, Mage, and Priest, respectively.  Rae is a badass D: )

Also I'm making these socks.  I loved the pattern so much I bought the damn book! SO EXCITED.

And I've been listening to a lot of 90's mixes on 8tracks lately.  Hence my current song, which I completely forgot existed even though I loved it so much at the time.  I love this mix the best so far.




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