Jun. 11th, 2012

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YO.  I'm on the Internet, and I'm ALSO 10,000 ft above the ground.  SCIENCE, YOU ARE WONDERFUL.  I can see the fog rolling in over the mountains from the ocean right now.  I think I'm somewhere south of Caramel at the moment, but I'm pretty bad at gauging distances so who knows. 

Spent a long weekend in Vegas, which was more than long enough when you are dealing with your entire family.   We saw the Beatles' LOVE Cirque show which I have to say I did not enjoy for a few different reasons, but a few of those reasons come down to resentments that are utterly unrelated to the show so don't let my cranky opinion deter your enjoyment of it.  The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay was cool, being together with both my brothers for the first time in years was by far the best part.  Next time, I'm bypassing my parents' house and staying on the Strip, so I can load my days with more unnecessary shopping (bought three pairs of shoes this trip). 

Happy to get back to San Jose, the land of perfect beautiful weather and perfect humidity and also my pretty apartment.  The weather in Vegas was horrible, not so much the heat as the dryness.  For my whole life I've been very sensitive to dryness, and even in the winters in New Jersey I was prone to nosebleeds.  So I was sneezing up blood clots in Vegas in no time, despite an ever-refilled water bottle (uh, TMI). Do not want to travel again for a few months at least. 

This week, I have to get my car re-registered and smog tested and whatnot, and uh probably change my address.  After that is done, finally getting myself a TV good for gaming.

I'm expecting K for the first two weeks of July!  dunno if I'll clean for her or anything like that - any one of you should be happy to be rolling around in my filth - but I am really looking forward to another opportunity to play host.  Hopefully we accomplish a lot by way of small adventures - another thing to do for the next two weeks, as I am pretty bad about planning shit. 

For fun stuff this week, I'm going to make Salty Caramel ice cream, with the intention of also making my own semi-solid fudge, cause I have a hard time dividing the experience of caramel from the experience of chocolate. 

I have a pair of socks to FINALLY finish knitting this week.  I am getting back on the writing train too - been working on RH articles again, plotting tags and some stories, and working on a Prometheus for Angie's game (unrelated to the Alien franchise movie.  My Prometheus has John Legend.) 

Final food for thought: regarding Cirque shows, I think that if any band deserves to have one, it would be Daft Punk.  I will try to fund this venture when I'm a billionaire.  


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