Jun. 29th, 2012

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 I'm making a post because I feel like I need to confirm my own alive-ness.  

....and now that is done, I'll play more Pokemon Conquest O_O... 

Okay well, other than my need to beat the shit out of armies of Pokemon to further my warlord ambitions, work has been busy and uh something really loud exploded outside of my window (maybe a firework, it's the Stupid Exploding Things time of year, and I think that's why I like 4th of July the LEAST out of the holidays, just barely more than Thanksgiving).   Uh train of thought.  Work is busy, especially since we launched a few new initiatives that I have to report on, and I feel like I've been flying all over the place myself.  Sometimes literately, as I went to see my family in Vegas recently, but even in San Jose I feel like my life is jam-packed.

Also I GET AN INGRID ON THURSDAY :D :D :D  party party party we have so much planned for the week and a half she's here XD it will be great

Random notes: I have one or two Guest Passes to http://www.crunchyroll.com/, which is an anime/asian drama version of Hulu.  If you want one, PM me with your preferred email and I'll send it to you.  The membership fee of only like, $8 a month is well worth it for the anime available, especially as I've kinda gotten bored with the anime selection on Netflix.  

Also randomly, my new TV is getting delivered tomorrow, except that I might return it immediately cause I just found out that one of my connections works for the manufacturer of the TV I bought, and offered to get me the same TV at the shiny discount price.  WTF random but awesome, it's good to socialize sometimes APPARENTLY.   

None of my terrible Korra pairings came true and I'm a bit sad about that :<   Guess I'll find myself a ficathon or dig myself a hole in Fanfic.net or something.  

(she should have gotten with him cause he has floppy purple hair)


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