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It's time again for


in which you guys give me fluffy, romantic, bromancy, or otherwise adoraboo prompts and I will write you a fic for them! 

(For an example of how this works, I did a number of drabbles last year for Valentine's Day which could be found here:  )


1. Gifts will be 100-300 word drabbles, more depending on how inspired I get.  If you look through last year's stories I got pretty damn inspired at times.

2.  Fair game - any RPGs we are in or any fandoms you know for a fact that I enjoy or am at least knowledgeable about. 
      2a.  Unconventional pairings are AWESOME, if you ever wanted to see Taka and Shun out on a date or something.  Could also just mean strange gen match-ups, like Endymion and Rubeus out cruising for chicks.
     2b.  AUs and crossovers are AWESOME.  Deon and Mara could totally be leads in Battleship AU.

3. I aim to have these done by the end of February.  If for any reason I am unable to complete your challenge (which there is a chance of, as I am in the middle of moving and also taking a vacation in a week), then I will at the very least give you a pleasing fan soundtrack pertaining to the pairing/situation. 

4.  Please provide at least 3 prompts!  Feel free to get as specific as you like too, and if you feel like you must point out squicks I should avoid, please do so. 


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I wrote a fic. It is Kingdom/Tron AU, starring Peter as The User.  Everything else will be a surprise.

If you don't know anything about Tron Legacy or what the world looks like, this is a decent start.  I wrote the story nearly exclusively to the movie soundtrack, which you can browse here.   I consider 'Fragile' to be the companion song to this story.

I actually started this fic nearly 11 months ago, on the night that Tron:Legacy released.  We got back from the theater at 3 AM, and I busted out the bones of this story.  It's taken me a long time to really flesh it out, mostly cause of massive distraction.  But I'm really happy to have it done.  I actually have thought about Tron AU a fair bit, and have a storyline for it mapped out in my head.  But we'll see if I ever get to other stories of it XD 

(This story is subtitled "How many bad computing puns can Sage make in one fic?")

“This isn’t how you spend all your time here, is it?  Bossing people around and making everything you touch explode.”  

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injury – minor
neck kisses
bad day
cloud watching
candlelight dinner
first fight – making up
first holiday together
anniversary – miles apart
kidfic – bedtime
kidfic – first injury
kidfic – vacation
baby – adoption
making out
bedtime rituals
birthday – surprise party
sick in bed
hot cocoa

So I really wanted to do a Bad Day story, since Fly and Ru also had that box on their boards and they both released stories with that theme this week.  Unlike them though, I decided to go with a game I haven't written fic for yet - Perfect World.  This takes place 3 years pre-game, so it is during the Fushigi Yugi 'canon'.  But since our characters have differences from the canon ones, this is sort of not fanfiction.  Kind of.  Not really sure?

So, I play Tamahome in PW.  So I decided to go with the worst day that the guy ever had.  CONGRATS TAMAHOME, YOUR FAMILY IS DEAD. LOVE, SUBOSHI.

Who: Miaka, Tamahome, sort of Nuriko
What:  Dead family angst, bad priestess angst  
Where:  The graves outside of the farming village
When:  Right before the gang goes north to Hokkan
Why: Schmoop = angst with hugs, apparently.   Also, I thought the canon's treatment of Tamahome dealing with his family's death was kinda ass.  So I fixed it to my taste.

There was no reason to think my family would be exempt


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