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Stolen nefariously from [personal profile] twistdfateangel  :
I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's Parker... she likes money and cereal." I'd love it if everyone who's friended me did this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer.

And just to save you guys some time - I love money and I hate cereal.  

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( ^ totally Endymion)

It's time again for


in which you guys give me fluffy, romantic, bromancy, or otherwise adoraboo prompts and I will write you a fic for them! 

(For an example of how this works, I did a number of drabbles last year for Valentine's Day which could be found here:  )


1. Gifts will be 100-300 word drabbles, more depending on how inspired I get.  If you look through last year's stories I got pretty damn inspired at times.

2.  Fair game - any RPGs we are in or any fandoms you know for a fact that I enjoy or am at least knowledgeable about. 
      2a.  Unconventional pairings are AWESOME, if you ever wanted to see Taka and Shun out on a date or something.  Could also just mean strange gen match-ups, like Endymion and Rubeus out cruising for chicks.
     2b.  AUs and crossovers are AWESOME.  Deon and Mara could totally be leads in Battleship AU.

3. I aim to have these done by the end of February.  If for any reason I am unable to complete your challenge (which there is a chance of, as I am in the middle of moving and also taking a vacation in a week), then I will at the very least give you a pleasing fan soundtrack pertaining to the pairing/situation. 

4.  Please provide at least 3 prompts!  Feel free to get as specific as you like too, and if you feel like you must point out squicks I should avoid, please do so. 


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Give me an OTP and a detailed prompt, and I will give you a 100-300 word fic in response!   I have been particularly itching to do crack fic lately - like, off-the-wall non-canon ships (like Samuel and Jay making out in the elevator).  Or canon ships in really cracky AUs (Devo and Galen in Pokemon AU).  OR PLAIN STUFF IF YOU WANNA BE VANILLA.   I want to smash through them tomorrow (day off FINALLY), but I will have them done by the end of the week.   Put multiple requests if you want, and I'll pick my favorite.

I also have my schmoop bingo board to get through, so you can use that as reference!  It's here.

Gearing back into action, posting like a beast soon!

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last leg of the meme; 26-30 )

Tomorrow at some point I will write up a summary of some of my favorite RPs and stories I've done from the last year.  In the meantime, thank you for following this meme!  

Also, you haven't seen me for the last week cause I've been INSANELY SICK.  Like, nausea and fever and slept through all of Tuesday and endless dripping snot-ness out of my face.  Ooof.  Can't remember the last time I had it this bad.  

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day 20: favorite enemies

Favorite enemies (in terms of antagonists but not necessarily villains) would have to be (a) the character's own sense of self causing them to self-sabatogue or (b) a family member or a really close friend of the character feeling forced to take the other side.  I actually really love family-based conflict and plots, and don't play them nearly enough (That will change soon, MARRY ALL THE SISTERS).

day 21: have you ever played out the death of a character?

In RP....I think only twice?  I've definitely done it to Deon, though that was a Mexico AU piece.  I KNOW I've done it to Galen/Asiel, I'm just having trouble remembering specifically when in his timeline I did so.  Fairly sure I had his Holy War death written out at some point, though I have no clue whether I actually posted it anywhere or not.   Liam will very likely die over the course of Gesma (it's really the only natural conclusion to his storyline), but that won't be for a while yet.

Actually a bit surprised I never wrote out one of Kazuo's like.......three times he was killed.  But I had a lot of fun writing the times he was recovering from being dead, and making jokes at his expense (in the times we speculated on the 'dub' names for CC characters, I've endorsed the name Kenny for that reason XD ).

Trying to get my big-girl pants stitched together so I have the courage to quit my job in January.  Money shouldn't be a problem, but making big-life-changes always is.  With all the moving and shifting I've done this year you'd think I'd be a bit braver about it. 

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RPing Meme 17-19, I RANT )

Someone promise me that one day, I will enjoy the Christmas season again ;_________;
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day 16: any weird character-creation quirks you have

I don't think so?  Though I do know that the Sailor Moon tradition of obnoxiously meaningful names will never leave me until I die.  

seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight seeing tron tonight boy I can't believe I've been waiting a YEAR AND A HALF for this movie.  I can Move On with my life after this.
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Pixie I did it :D  I wrote Dusty-being-broken fic for Gryle's Everyone Is A Sad Panda Future AU. 

It kind of has more to do with Deon, but that's not really his fault.  I couldn't imagine Dusty taking an active role in a story like this, or taking an active role in ANYTHING after what happened to him.   I HOPE HIS MISERY PLEASES YOU.

road to nowhere )


day 15: character you have the most in common with

Valentino.  Moreso than any of my other characters, a lot of his deeper motivations mirror what I would do in his situation (which is still not a perfect mirror, but it is the closest).  He also sort of reflects what I think about my own teenage years - that I was a flaily insecure mess (and still by-and-large am), and that I believed my life and future was going to be over at any second, with any single bad choice.  He is afraid of people hating him and he is initially eager to morph himself around to suit others needs, though as he gets older he gets a more stable sense of self-identity.  He also often is torn between the comfort of stability and the yearning to try out something risky and new - there is no way he will be able to stay in Sunset City forever, but he would want his friends to know that his roots are there, and that he'll never leave them behind forever, no matter how far around the world he goes.

Important:  Everyone give birthday hugs to K :D :D :D 

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day 12: a character you wish you were still playing

Galen, Kazuo, and Bass.  Galen because derp derp I've been talking about him all month.   Kazuo because I had so damn much set up for him, and the game he was in imploded when I was only a year in.   Bass (from Kol's Lost Senshi game) because I felt like I hit on a good character with him, but I was so inexperienced that I wasn't able to draw as much out of him as I do with my other characters.  It's only with Roimata that I've revisited the tortured, finicky artist type, but Bass was the first and I'd like to reintroduce him somewhere again.

day 13: favorite weakness or quirk to play

Obstinate characters <3   I love characters who have the truth shoved in their face multiple times and still try to believe in what is the easiest for their hearts to handle.   THERE IS A REASON WHY OVER HALF OF THEM ARE EARTH SUN SIGNS. 

I'm more subtle about this than I used to be, but I'm also fascinated with dual personalities within a single character.  When I was younger this manifested in outright split-personality characters - very much aping Yu-Gi-Oh!, which I've been obsessed with since high school.  Nowadays I try to make it flow more naturally within the character.  Kazuo, by virtue of being a Tux Kamen char, of course had this, but over time he stopped obsessing over 'gentleman thief vs. mechanic' and instead, his whole being became more dedicated to being a guardian and defender.  Warren had an obvious double-side that I've pretty much dropped - regular Warren is twisted enough by himself.  Deon's developed more of one as I've written him - he flip-flops between being serious and pragmatic and then easy-going and lazy so much that I'm inclined to call him moody, except that I think it just reflects his great inner confusion - between being a dedicated, full-time Hunter or holding on to the last threads of being a loose and free normal college guy. Very much a Capricorn Sun vs. Sagittarius Moon battle for him, made worse by a Gemini Ascendant XD 

Of course, with a love for double personalities such as this, Pax looked like a playground made of chocolate when I came upon it.  For Amrit/Osiris I'm doing something a bit different - my goal is for Amrit and Osiris to synthesize at some point, fully harmonize into a single person.  On the other hand, Jay is going to need a full-on exorcism to remove herself from the zealous and violent urges of the Artemis in her. 

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day 11: character you're proudest of

Deon and Galen, I cannot pick. 

Galen because he feels like the first character I made who was good enough to really hold his own against other talented writers.  Once upon a time, I used to stalk games like Sailor Myth and Missing Shard and eventually Angels, but I really wasn't convinced that I could make characters good enough for the players there.  I worked extremely hard on Galen's app, and when I submitted it, I was actually extremely proud of him already.  There were parts of his app I was going to be unwilling to compromise with if the review came back bad - but fortunately, he was the first char I ever had who was a pure accept.   I talk about Galen all the time, still.  He is forever my baby, and I honestly hope to write novels about him one day.

Deon's success is kinda funny because I really made him in a hurry, only two hours put into his app.  I am not a person who often gets full-formed characters sprouting out in my head, and I think Deon is really my only successful case of that.  Deon and Warren tie for the best dialogue I can get out of my characters, and I've had many fics that I HAD to finish just because Deon said something so funny.   It is so bizarre but the most touching compliment I've ever gotten about how I write Deon was from Pixie, when she said that she could imagine Deon's voice and nuances sounding like Jack Nicholson from Easy Rider.  I was floored.  I don't know if you realized how deep of a compliment that was XD  

I feel like one of the measures of a good character is how well other people can pick up the character and use them in other stories, and I have not seen one person in that game do Deon wrong.  In fact, it's happened a lot where someone writes a fic that features him, then I read the fic and I'm like "HOLY DAMN, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD DO/THINK/SAY IN THAT SITUATION"  (Kol's hit on some really wonderful ones that I can't quite remember at the moment).    

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day 10: if you had to link to one scene in which you are most proud of your writing, it would be...

God damn the sharing on Google Docs is down. 

Well, the top story was To Catch A Thief , from Chaos Crisis.  If we are going to measure my pride by how often I've re-read an RP log, then this one is the clear winner.   Again, it was for Chaos Crisis, which was an 'alternative' Sailor Moon game (sort of alternative, except that our senshi were supposed to be the originals that Takeuchi misinterpreted in her stories...anyways).   In this particular scene, my Tuxedo Kamen (who is more of a Tuxedo Melvin, blundering and dorky half of the time) is pulling a Cinderella on K's Sailor Moon, running away rooftop to rooftop until she manages to corner him for questioning.  I think K and I finished this log in one day, and I think it is perfect.  

Also..............well, Deon only had a small cameo in Desperately Seeking Misu, but damn I feel like that was a fantastic appearance, and I'm really proud at how it seamlessly fit in with everything else Angie and Pixie had wrote (they just as easily could have puppetted Deon, but I'm happy they asked for me to post).   There was a story Angie and I wrote with Fin and Uri, their first meeting in which Uri gets knifed in an alley then is kind enough to give the knife back to his sulty aggressor which made me die laughing.  Deon and Mara's A Long Farewell And A Time To Choose probably was one of my more emotionally potent stories.   Oh god, and playing the Sassy Unicorn in the Wonder Friends Adventure Log in Gesma was PURE FUN.    
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day 09: character that's had the most development

aaaaaaaaaah this one is tough.  Have to give it to Onayepheton.  He was the very definition of one-dimensional when I first created him (simply, he was just a dead little brother Asiel could grieve over.  Also a parade of finger soup jokes).   Then maybe two years after he was first formed, I experimented by coming up with his modern day incarnation, and when I was trying to get EV together and moving, it felt like he just EXPLODED in depth, at least to me.  A lot of his development started out by simply working on the opposite of what Asiel would do/think, then suddenly he became his own creature.  By nature the character is kinda shallow and oblivious, but with reincarnations to deal with and more character interactions, I was really able to flesh him out entirely, until I was able to create his own brand of Julian Logic.   (A lot of the traits of Onayepheton/Julian, btw, were ported over for Amrit/Osiris in Pax.  FYI <3 )

To me, btw, that is one of the indications that a character is really solid - if they seem to develop their own brand of Logic.  That I don't even have to stop and wonder why a character would speak/act the way they do, but what is natural to them comes instantaneously to me.   So I guess it is not Logic so much as Intuition, but I've been calling it Logic for so long that I don't care.  Asiel/Galen was the first character I had who developed Logic - which again, is not so much logic as it is a ball of clustering neuroses.  

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Day 08: character you've played the longest

Galen.  Considering that I wrote a fic with him two weeks ago, and he still comes up in speculations, I think he counts.  That would be five and a half years for him.  Warren is in second-place, I think I've had him for four years.

OMG.  Someone just gifted a paid account, and now I have new icons!  OMG.  SEND GOOD CHRISTMAS JUJU IN MYSTERY PERSON'S DIRECTION!

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day 07: scenes/characters that make you cry the most

Uh.  I really don't cry when it comes to reading things - the closest thing was reading Animorphs when I was 8, and the end of LOTR's Two Towers.  Anything close to Flowers To Algernon seriously upsets me though - the idea of having this awareness for a short period of time, only to completely lose it again later, freaks me out.  I guess my heart also goes out to single parent characters/scenarios a lot too, and I respond really strongly to the 'mama bear/papa wolf' sort of stories.  

:<  Five days in a row of work, coming up.   Boooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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day 05: similar or frequent themes in your characters

LOL okay.  Most of you can probably answer this question for me.

I love Jerks.  I love them I love them I love them, and I love them because they have the best dialogue, and tend to have more moral flexibility than other characters, and can get away with a lot of shit if you can still get people to like them.  I love true-blue good guy characters too, and they tend to be the well-meaning, somewhat oblivious type.   Quite obviously I return to 'prince' characters often - either literal princes like Warren and Kaz (or in a way, Amrit), but a number of my other characters have royal or noble tendencies to them, like Rae (who is technically a princess), Vay, Deon, Roimata. 

Fashion is a reoccurring theme in my characters too - they are either rather aware of style and dress well, or they are absolutely horrible at dressing themselves.  I think Galen and Rae are really the only two characters who run middle-of-the-road on this.  

My characters usually have either a buttload of siblings, or none at all.  Galen, Deon, Vay, Mulli, and Rae all have more than 3 siblings each.  Warren, Val, Kaz, Julian, and Jay have none. 

With all of my characters, I think of them all as prisoners in one way or another.  In creating my characters, I keep in mind how that character will be self-sabotaguing him/herself, and plot for them accordingly.  No exceptions on this one.  For reference, I use The Devil in Tarot, which symbolizes how people can be imprisoned by their own heart and fears.   The songs Senorita by VAST, Happiness in Slavery by Nine Inch Nails, and Sober by TOOL also touch on what I'm getting at.

day 06: scenes/characters that make you laugh the most

Oh jeez.  I don't even know.  I really love serious, uptight characters forced to do something ridiculous.  I really really like AU situations because you can write something about stuff like Pokemon straight-faced, but it ends up looking HILARIOUS if you think about the characters involved.  I love flirting and teasing that falls flat.  I love characters being proved absolutely, utterly dead wrong in a manner they did not at all expect.  I love joking around about shipped characters getting into costume play.  
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day 03: do you name your characters after people?

Nope!  Though there are some character names I've come to like so much that I would also consider giving the name to a child (Duke, Yuri, Athena, Rae, Emil).   SORRY IF THIS MAKES ME WEIRD <3

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day 02: what comes first, the character or the pb?

The kind of games I usually join don't have mandatory PBs, so by default it is the character first.  There are some chars I have that I KNOW I will never find a PB for - Deon, for example.  I'd be shocked to high hell if I ever found anybody (real) who actually resembles how he looks in my head (Pixie's calendar art is the dead closest to what is actually in my head).  Kaz, I had a few potential PBs for him but nobody who ever looked perfect. 

In games that do use PBs, the pb-finding process happens about midway through, after I've figured out what character I want and what their general traits are.  Amrit kind of got away from me though - I was originally looking for potential Endymion PBs, not Osiris PBs, but one look at Allu Arjun on Hollow Art and I had to use him.  He just had such a fun look to him, unlike a lot of the other PBs I had been looking at.
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day 01: the first character you ever played 

I remember creating my first character when I was about 5 years old.   I drew a picture of her, wrote down her name, her hobbies, and her powers on a piece of paper with crayons.   Granted, because I was five and wasn't aware of the Mary Sue Litmus Test yet, the character was by and large based on me, only with a slightly different name and hobbies.  I can't remember her name, but I remember that she was a fan-'senshi' based on Rainbow Brite - she was a Color Kid based on the stars, so her 'color' was shinies and twinkly colors (SO MARY SUE, HER POWER WAS SPARKLES).  I made two other Color Kids for my friends Tori and Kate based on them (Color Kids based on the Sun and the Moon.....and this predated my knowledge of Sailor Moon by 3 years too), and we played out a game or two with them on my friend's front lawn.  To this day that was my only experience in LARPing XD XD 

For RPing that actually involves the words and Internet, I was 14 when I created a character for a Final Fantasy RPG (my first RPGs were Final Fantasy and DBZ).  Her name was Chaos, she was 17 I think and a short girl with black hair and black eyes (not out of the self-insert Mary Sue phase yet, I don't think I kicked that until Holy Gyro!), and was a Red Mage who I think accidentally blew up her hometown and got exiled.  Though now I'd think that if you blew up your hometown, everyone there by default is exiled....Anyways, she was no work of art, but she was the first.  I think she had a pet turtle too.  

Recent Anime: 

Holy crap there is a lot of girl power in the anime I've recently watched.  3.5 of them even have female lead characters!
Noein, Witchblade, 009-1, Mushi-shi, Saber Marionette J, Castle in the Sky )
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injury – minor
neck kisses
bad day
cloud watching
candlelight dinner
first fight – making up
first holiday together
anniversary – miles apart
kidfic – bedtime
kidfic – first injury
kidfic – vacation
baby – adoption
making out
bedtime rituals
birthday – surprise party
sick in bed
hot cocoa
Candlelight Dinner )

First full week of work this week.  I'm dedicating myself to not killing myself over this job like I did the last one, which means actually taking my breaks and walking a bit slower in the stock room and hydrating myself waaaaaaaay more often.  


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