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Most importantly, my parents were in San Francisco for the weekend, and I went up to hang with them!  And super most importantly, I GOT TO SEE THE NUTCRACKER BALLET.  A+++++++  I WANNA BE A BALLERINA . IT WAS ALL SO PRETTY.  ALSO - IT HAD A DANCING BEAR AND IT WAS ADORABLE (not a live one, but still).  Then today was all about wandering SF on foot - up to Fisherman's Wharf, then down through North Beach, Chinatown, and Union Square.  It was really a lovely walk.  I hadn't had the chance to really wander the nitty gritty of SF's streets, and this was a good first-shot at it.  Hopefully I can return in a few weeks and find a place to write/knit/art!

Anyways this week is going to be a mess.  I have to get grinding on my Yuletide - I got all of the outlining and character notes done, I just have to write the friggin thing.  I'm sure I'll have something done by the deadline, but I know that as I work on it more and more, I'll fall into a spiral of despair and perfectionism.  Plus I have to get a pile of gifts mailed out and sorted out XD  I'm nearly done, I just have one or two more gift cards to get before I'm set.

....I was wondering what happened to all of my icons here, and then realized that I let my paid account lapse. WUPS.  Will get on that this week.

Also, on the Fanime front - I'm definitely making a Musubi costume for this year - Musubi being a character from the anime Sekirei.  I am aiming to get a second Taiki costume done this year too - an outfit based on the American cover of the second novel.  I am going to wait until I'm able to go to Mood's in NYC before I start making stuff - I am hoping to find some really awesome accent fabric, like a really pretty pale pink print for Musubi's obi or a bold print for Taiki's robe hem, and then finish the outfits from there.  (Also, sometime this week I'll be getting these boots for the Musubi costume...though I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot more often than just at Fanime XD )


My tickets for the East Coast Visit are bought and set! I'll be on the east coast from the 18th to the 28th!  HURRAY.

Also I made another playlist at 8track -


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Behold!  A music meme stolen from maria_chan!  Mostly so I can link songs and also to get me to update my journal regularly again XD 

Day 01 - My favorite song
Day 02 - My least favorite song
Day 03 - A song that makes me happy

I mean to tell you all the things I've been thinking )

she doesn't surrender explanations to anyone ) 

I fashioned you from jewels and stone )

Today's plans - pine and wait for a phonecall from Macy's, organize my new room a little bit, PIZZA, finish Fringe season 1, and schmoop bingo stories. 

I saw Eclipse, which I found genuinely enjoyable whenever Bella was NOT on the screen.  Melissa Rosenburg, the screenwriter for the Twilight movies, does an amazing, amazing job of translating the crap and craziness of the books into something entertaining and at times, reasonable.  It's as if the Twilight novels are being translated by sane people!  What saves it is how it is genuinely funny at times, which you need when you are (a) focusing on a totally absolutely UNREALISTIC tug-of-war romance like Jacob/Bella/Edward's, and (b) going half-assedly at the VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES mythology like Twilight does.   Also, CHARLIE SWAN.   I AM FOREVER ON TEAM BEER N' SHOTGUNS.
I laugh so hard at the fail of The Last Airbender too.

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So on Saturday afternoon/evening, Angie, Kol and I are going to give the Music Meme another go.  For those who don't know what that is:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.   I'm using whichever char inspires me.
2. Turn on your music player  PLAYLIST OF DOOM and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Basically, if anybody else would like to join in, please let us know!  We aren't sure exactly when on Saturday we'll all be together (I'll be good after 4 PM Mountain Time basically), but if you have that evening free, it should work out.

For Kol and Angie - if you are still up for the three of us sharing a playlist, awesome!  I would suggest between 15-30 songs in a zip file uploaded maybe to a comment here.  The songs should be about 3:30-6 minutes long, and probably in English.  I threw one or two instrumental songs in my list, which could be a good breather.  Also be sure to be EVIL and throw in one or two songs that would throw a writer into a loop :D   Then we can each DL each others playlists, and have a community list of like 45-60 songs that we will put on random at the time of WRITIN's. 
My zip of musak )


(Also still working on the Tarot Assignments from my last post.  THEY SHALL BE DONE)

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So anxiety is something that always hits me very hard, and that's what's been up with me for the past few days.  (Well, I also badly cut one of my index fingers at work, which has made typing a bit tough and way slow).  I'm incredibly anxious about moving, and about really stupid stuff too.  Like the possibility that my car explodes on the way and I lose everything, and have to use all of my funds to buy a new car to get out there.  Or getting robbed.   Or just underestimating how much money I needed in general, and ending up broke by May and unable to go to Fanime.  Or a thousand other things.  I just have to wait until my excitement overpowers my anxiety again.

This is my last week of full-time work at least, and next week I only work 17 hours.  Hurrah for that at least.  And my coworkers are all incredibly excited for me, which feels nice because I always felt that a lot of them couldn't give a shit about me one way or another.

Anyways, I just chilled out yesterday and filled out tax forms, and today I'm going to mail them out and try to get a few other odds-and-ends sorted out (like laundry, and sorting out my winter stuff from my summer stuff.)  I also hope the Goodwill takes the yarn/fabric I don't want.  Angie and I are going to eat at the downtown tonight, at Apollo Grill, which I always meant to eat at but never got around to XD 

Also, I have not forgotten about Restless Heavens!   Today and yesterday I've been reading A Thousand Miles of Wind, which is probably the most socio-political novel in the series, and taking down a shitload of notes.  Already I found a few major errors in information I had started to assemble on the Wiki, so in April I'll be able to go back and revise, and obviously finish the rest of the major articles.   While Tokyopop's translations are awesome to read while out and on the go, I recommend re-reading using the Eugene Woodbury translations, since he offers extremely helpful language and context notes for every chapter.  More than anything, his resource has been the most helpful to me so far.

Also I've decided that Sou accidentally (...sort of) gets plagued with pineapple trees.  Hee. 

Meme Questions 12-16 )


Shark in the Water - VV Brown

Conventional Friend - Cartel

Deep South - Cartel  (I wish this could be a Deon song, some of the lyrics are spot-on, but the LA LA I'M FROM THE  DEEP SOUTH part doesn't fit at all for obvious reasons.  However, I might make a Southern gentlemen character from it XD  For either CoMi or Mystics of Tarot, depending.) 



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