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 Howdy Yuletide Santa!
Thank you in advance for setting out to make gift fic for me!  I have been absent from Yuletide for a few years but excited to get back into it.  
Generally I'm easy to please, but I will lay out here things I like and don't like, and some suggestions.  I am really interested if you follow your heart and inspiration in a fic, so definitely use what I say as a guideline but not a prescription.  I want to see your POV on this fandom we both love!
Thank you again!  Please don't feel hedged in by my suggestions, and if the story you write takes you in a new and exciting direction, let it happen :3  Have a great season!

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 Mostly a HEY I'M ALIVE post.

Stuff I've been up to, including Mythbusters, a dwarven battle bonnet, and Hawaii )

Well I was going to do nothing tomorrow, but a board game meetup came up and I am compelled to go (it is a strategy board game meetup too - I really love these games like Dominion and Talisman and Lords of Waterdeep).   I should probably go somewhere and work on my Yuletide as well, cause I do nothing here at the apartment except play Pokemon and watch Teen Wolf because I don't know.

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(I will try to write in more later, a bit busy at the moment D:  But I deeply appreciate you taking the time to look over my letter, and I hope I can give you some ideas to work with!  By and large I'm easy to please, though I do have a list of PLEASE DO NOT DO further down )
Generalities about things I like! )Generalities of what I like! )
Specifics on Fandoms! )
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Yuletide reveals are up!  That means I can share with you guys the fic I wrote for my dear recipient strixus.  This facet of the request was all I needed to know EXACTLY what I had to do, because I have wondered exactly those same points myself.

In particular, I loved what was done with Tron himself: transformed from hero worshiped by the young Sam into the faceless, growling villain of Sam’s nightmares, and then granted redemption in the last minutes of the film, yet possibly dieing in the end. I’d also deeply like some input from Alan on the issue with Tron, particularly if you see fit to have Tron survive his fall into the Sea of Simulation.

To put it more simply, really, I’m looking for something that plays with the transformation of Tron into Rinzler, and then Rinzler into Tron, and I’m totally open to the idea that Rinzler/Tron does die at the end of TRON: Legacy.

PUT IT ON A SILVER PLATTER FOR ME TOO, WHILE YOU ARE AT IT.  This prompt was PERFECT and an absolute thrill to write.

Red Shift @ Archive of our Own

Lots of props to [personal profile] ambientfiligree  and [personal profile] tatterpixie , who beta'd the story for me.  Some of the comments mention the use of the computer language effectively, and it was K and Pixie who gave me a lot of help in making sure that language and that tone was consistent <3 <3 <3  Then also [personal profile] prodigy  and [personal profile] mindsplinters  and [personal profile] kol , who were all my comrades in Yuletide and each wrote excellent little (or large) fics, and were a major source of guidance and support to me in my first year of Yuletide ;_; <3  I had a lot of fun this year and expect to do it again next!

Some story notes -  )
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First of all, thank you very much! I have no idea if this is your first year of Yuletide or your billionth, but thank you for the time, effort, creativity, blood, sweat, and various other bodily fluids spent going into my request. This is my first year doing Yuletide, so I'm a mixture of nervous and excited, and really charged up for the chance to write a fic for someone who shares a fandom interest with me. I have spent the last few years admiring my friends who have participated in Yuletide and put a lot of their spirit into it, and so I know you are doing a tough thing, but I'm really thankful for it.

As for my wishlist, even if you don't read the specifics of my fandom requests, you should know three things that can make fics really, really enjoyable for me, no matter what the fandom:

1) A revelation about a character's personality, motivations, or inner demons that wasn't obvious before.
2) Lulz. I love the lulz and I love puns and I love corn and camp and satire and witty lines and sarcastic lines and crass humor. Anything that would give you a chuckle, I'll probably laugh at too.
3) A WTF moment that jumps up and slaps me in the face. I love to be surprised, and if not also baffled and screaming at the computer "OH NO HE DIDN'T".

Most of all, I implore you to have fun! If you have an idea that I don't specifically mention, but you feel would be really awesome or excellent to explore, do it! So long as it doesn't hit any triggers with me, I'm totally fascinated by ANYTHING that is written up for any of these fandoms. And passion in writing shows, and more than anything else I want you to really love what you create in December.

Wishlist by Fandom: Juuni Kokki, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, and Moribito )

Thank you again! 


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