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Fanime is over!  I wish it lasted longer! IT WAS AWESOME.  By far my favorite part was watching all of the cosplay and hanging out with the 12K cosplay peeps.  ALSO I MET LITTLE KURIBOH (the guy who makes YuGiOh Abridged) and got lots of swag.  

Mostly I wanted to post to say that all of us got out alive, I'm exhausted, and I plan on getting back on the writing boat by this weekend, including a longer write-up about how the con was.  For now though, SLEEPZ.
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At the recommendation of my local neighborhood Kol, I'm making a list of some of the shit that needs to be done before Fanime.
  • Finish Musubi costume.  What is left to do is - finishing the kimono top (putting in the neckband and sleeves, putting in the ribbon, interfacing), putting ribbons on the white knee-highs, making the bow (I already have the obi part done, just need the bow to strap on the back).  
  • Start and finish the Taiki Pajama Party robe!  I only JUST found the right fucking fabric for it the other day.  It should be a fast project though, one evening probably.
  • Dye my hair!  My hair is too dark to match the Musubi ponytail extension I got, so I have to figure out if I need to bleach it or something.  
  • CLEAN MY CAR.  Especially the trunk, which is loaded with all sorts of crap.
  • PACK
  • Buy tickets to Las Vegas for my trip in mid-June.
  • Try to do as much work as possible in prep for next week, as I will be taking all of the Fanime days as half-days. 
  • Make lavender ice cream
  • Make Juuni Kokki cupkeikis
You know, I am too disorganized to figure it all out right now :D  
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It occurred to me that I haven't made any indication that I'm alive lately!

-  I've had a surprisingly active life lately! Lots of stuff going on with work (going in for more Adobe training tomorrow, which is delicious for my LinkedIn profile), lots of sewing as I prepare for Fanime, biking around everywhere, reading books, baking, ADVENTURES.

- Recent ADVENTURES include Half Moon Bay three weeks ago with Fyre, Kol's birthday celebration in San Francisco two weeks ago, the Alameda Antique Faire last Sunday (got myself two papasan chairs for $60 total!).  I'm kinda maxed out on adventures for now, except I'm going back up to San Francisco tomorrow for training XD XD XD  THEN I WILL LOCK MYSELF IN MY APARTMENT ALL WEEKEND FOR SEWING though I'm making good time on my Musubi outfit, so I'm not that concerned.

-  On a huge science-lecture kick lately.  Been trolling YouTube and TED Talks for interesting videos and inspiration.  Lemme share my favorite two: 

Contemplate the Universe Inside You
- from 8Tracks, and there are two sequels to it so far. These mixes are ~5 minute chunks of dialogues from Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, and others of the like.  Usually I listen to at least one of these a day - it inspires me towards learning more every day and reaffirming my faith (or non-faith) with the reassurance that greater minds than mine can articulate how I feel about the universe and our place in it.  

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert at Montclair State University
- Hilarious, as you would imagine, but I really enjoy how passionate Tyson is about astrophysics and the advancement of science literacy. 


- Dabbling on a few fics, but too much of a squirrel-brain to really focus on any one story for more than five minutes D:   However, I am happy that I finally started a story that I wanted to write for my dad - when I was 11 or 12, he used to pay me to take his hand-written novel pages and type them up in Word.  One of his favorite stories was about a female POW and her escape from jail, so I want to surprise him for Father's Day by writing him a story based on that character.  I can't really write a gritty POW tale without cursing and other gritty things, so I hope the story doesn't traumatize him knowing his only daughter wrote it, but I think he can survive.  After all, my brother is in a band named after a porno and he hasn't been kicked out of the house yet.

- Saw the Avengers last weekend, as did most of nerd America it seems.  It was definitely the funniest shit I've seen in a while.  Of course it was problematic - the biggest problem I had personally was a singular line out of Thor's mouth on the SHIELD helicarrier, and also a 'too soon' sort of reaction with the final action sequence - but other than that, it was shockingly well done for a superhero clusterfuck of a film.  Hulk, Black Widow, and Loki all stole the show without a doubt in the world.  I don't know what everyone else's taste is, but Mark Ruffalo blew me away with how hot he is, PLUS HE IS A VEGETARIAN so yeah, there is my perfect man :<

Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Wasp next time plz :< 

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I'm kinda broken right now.  Way too much good fandom news today.

1) A game called Pokemon Conquest is coming out this summer.  It is like Romance of the Three Kingdoms meets Pokemon.  The character art blows my mind.  THE COSTUMES.  GOING TO COSPLAY THE SHIT OUT OF ONE OF THESE GUYS.

2) Jim Butcher published a series of novels called Codex Alera that was literately inspired by a dare that he couldn't turn Lost Roman Legion x POKEMON concepts into a good book.  BUYING THIS BOOK TOMORROW.


4) New Kingdom Hearts 3DS game to come out this summer...but also a new Paper Mario and new Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 2, and Pokemon Black/White 2 likely to come out before Christmas.  Plus there is the new Tales of Graces f game to play once I get my mits on a PS3 (and a TV >>).   I'm going to be so useless this year.

Kol shared a pic with me that describes how I feel right now

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Have some Kingdom derpitude:


Paris Indigo: shirtless and in sheer MC Hammer pants )


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HI I just wanted to inform everyone that I am alive, even though I've been nowhere to be found on AIM/games/DW etc.  I had intended on writing stuff while on vacation, which was a FUTILE NOTION as I've been having too much fun to even open my computer most days.  I will have a full report once I return. 

I'll be back in business starting Wednesday.  This means that I won't be really digging into the Valentine's prompts till then - sorry guys!  Next time I'll think before I open a prompt challenge right before a 10 day vacation XD 

Tomorrow - Washington DC adventures with Fly!  HUZZAH

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( ^ totally Endymion)

It's time again for


in which you guys give me fluffy, romantic, bromancy, or otherwise adoraboo prompts and I will write you a fic for them! 

(For an example of how this works, I did a number of drabbles last year for Valentine's Day which could be found here:  )


1. Gifts will be 100-300 word drabbles, more depending on how inspired I get.  If you look through last year's stories I got pretty damn inspired at times.

2.  Fair game - any RPGs we are in or any fandoms you know for a fact that I enjoy or am at least knowledgeable about. 
      2a.  Unconventional pairings are AWESOME, if you ever wanted to see Taka and Shun out on a date or something.  Could also just mean strange gen match-ups, like Endymion and Rubeus out cruising for chicks.
     2b.  AUs and crossovers are AWESOME.  Deon and Mara could totally be leads in Battleship AU.

3. I aim to have these done by the end of February.  If for any reason I am unable to complete your challenge (which there is a chance of, as I am in the middle of moving and also taking a vacation in a week), then I will at the very least give you a pleasing fan soundtrack pertaining to the pairing/situation. 

4.  Please provide at least 3 prompts!  Feel free to get as specific as you like too, and if you feel like you must point out squicks I should avoid, please do so. 


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Hey ya'll!  I've been a bit spare lately cause shit be CRAZY around here.  First off - thank you to everyone who left nice notes in the last entry!  I haven't gotten to respond to all of them but I very much appreciated them.

In the same week I got a new title, I also snagged a new apartment!  A studio apartment in walking distance to work, and just two blocks away from the Ebay campus.  Good stuff :D

Actually, very importantly, within walking distance there is:

(a) Whole Foods
(b) Trader Joe's
(c) Barnes and Noble
(d) Noah's Bagels (the only decent bagel chain in the area)
(f) Panera Bread
(g) Frye's Electronics
(h) Game Stop
(i) my gym
(j) Hooters

Well, while all of that is within walking distance, it's going to be more comfortable in the long run if I get a bicycle.  So I'll get on that in March or whenever, this month is going to be bananas with the move and with the VACATION TO EAST COAST for the latter half of it.  


(1) What are some important supplies to have when you immediately move into a new place?   I have basic cleaning supplies already, but what else would you recommend?

(2) Given the shape of the room, do you have any recommendations as to how to place room dividers?  I have a double-sized bed that I would want to section off with screens and/or bookcases, I'm just wondering where would be the best place.  So far I'm thinking of putting the bed against the kitchen-wall length-wise, to minimize the chance of hearing noise from the neighbors to the left and from the courtyard.  


K found this - ; RAD BOOKSHELF

I like this case as well:

And then there is a daybed from West Elm I reaaaaaaaaaaally like:|daybed|8|best|0|1|24||1&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-  

I'm thinking of keeping the furniture dark brown/black for the living space, and for colors I want to go for are black, white, gold, and red, with the intention to put a lot of prints in there for interest.  I don't need to get furniture immediately (mostly cause I won't be around that much till March), so there is time to stew and think over possibilities.  Also, I'm way excited to design the patio and kitchen, as I've never had either of those before XD 
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I don't really have the mental power for a post about what I've been up to (there is a lot of anxiety in Chateau le Sage mindspace now), so instead I will do a



Including Cosmos, Avengers, Vandread, Sherlock Holmes )
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Yuletide reveals are up!  That means I can share with you guys the fic I wrote for my dear recipient strixus.  This facet of the request was all I needed to know EXACTLY what I had to do, because I have wondered exactly those same points myself.

In particular, I loved what was done with Tron himself: transformed from hero worshiped by the young Sam into the faceless, growling villain of Sam’s nightmares, and then granted redemption in the last minutes of the film, yet possibly dieing in the end. I’d also deeply like some input from Alan on the issue with Tron, particularly if you see fit to have Tron survive his fall into the Sea of Simulation.

To put it more simply, really, I’m looking for something that plays with the transformation of Tron into Rinzler, and then Rinzler into Tron, and I’m totally open to the idea that Rinzler/Tron does die at the end of TRON: Legacy.

PUT IT ON A SILVER PLATTER FOR ME TOO, WHILE YOU ARE AT IT.  This prompt was PERFECT and an absolute thrill to write.

Red Shift @ Archive of our Own

Lots of props to [personal profile] ambientfiligree  and [personal profile] tatterpixie , who beta'd the story for me.  Some of the comments mention the use of the computer language effectively, and it was K and Pixie who gave me a lot of help in making sure that language and that tone was consistent <3 <3 <3  Then also [personal profile] prodigy  and [personal profile] mindsplinters  and [personal profile] kol , who were all my comrades in Yuletide and each wrote excellent little (or large) fics, and were a major source of guidance and support to me in my first year of Yuletide ;_; <3  I had a lot of fun this year and expect to do it again next!

Some story notes -  )
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Happy to have my Yuletide completely done.  Thanks to Pixie and Ingrid again for beta-fishing it and enduring my freakout!

The rest of the night will include a walk through Santana Row, picking up some flour and butter, BAKING SOMETHING WARM AND CHOCOLATEY, and possibly some easy knitting.  I have Kol's apron left to make (her Christmas gift :D ) and I'll do that tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I am going to possibly go see Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows.  I also just want to marathon a pile of movies I haven't gotten to yet, including the Casey Jones movie, and possibly Captain America.  I need to find a new anime to watch, or maybe an old one to re-watch.  It's getting to be that time of year when I re-watch Twelve Kingdoms and reread those books.  On Netflix, I've been tempted by the shows Day Break, Teen Wolf, and The Cape, so I'll have to give an episode of each a shot eventually. 

I'm not taking a lot of vacation time off of work this week, but I will be spending my time fixing some reporting up for the new year and forming a 2012 career plan.  I never, ever want to be in the same employment situation I was in for the first half of this year, and that involves being proactive and establishing/attaining new career related goals.  I have to turn my anxiety and paranoia into something more productive. 

Anyways, HAPPY FESTIVUS.  May you be merry and full of lots of calories this year!

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Pixie said some amazing things on AIM I needed to keep for posterity:

Pixie is available 1:52 pm

 Sage 1:52 pm

 Pixie 1:53 pm


 Pixie 1:55 pm
    (it's actually from a She-Ra cartoon we saw on Qube the other evening XD)

 Sage 1:56 pm

 Pixie 1:56 pm

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Most importantly, my parents were in San Francisco for the weekend, and I went up to hang with them!  And super most importantly, I GOT TO SEE THE NUTCRACKER BALLET.  A+++++++  I WANNA BE A BALLERINA . IT WAS ALL SO PRETTY.  ALSO - IT HAD A DANCING BEAR AND IT WAS ADORABLE (not a live one, but still).  Then today was all about wandering SF on foot - up to Fisherman's Wharf, then down through North Beach, Chinatown, and Union Square.  It was really a lovely walk.  I hadn't had the chance to really wander the nitty gritty of SF's streets, and this was a good first-shot at it.  Hopefully I can return in a few weeks and find a place to write/knit/art!

Anyways this week is going to be a mess.  I have to get grinding on my Yuletide - I got all of the outlining and character notes done, I just have to write the friggin thing.  I'm sure I'll have something done by the deadline, but I know that as I work on it more and more, I'll fall into a spiral of despair and perfectionism.  Plus I have to get a pile of gifts mailed out and sorted out XD  I'm nearly done, I just have one or two more gift cards to get before I'm set.

....I was wondering what happened to all of my icons here, and then realized that I let my paid account lapse. WUPS.  Will get on that this week.

Also, on the Fanime front - I'm definitely making a Musubi costume for this year - Musubi being a character from the anime Sekirei.  I am aiming to get a second Taiki costume done this year too - an outfit based on the American cover of the second novel.  I am going to wait until I'm able to go to Mood's in NYC before I start making stuff - I am hoping to find some really awesome accent fabric, like a really pretty pale pink print for Musubi's obi or a bold print for Taiki's robe hem, and then finish the outfits from there.  (Also, sometime this week I'll be getting these boots for the Musubi costume...though I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot more often than just at Fanime XD )


My tickets for the East Coast Visit are bought and set! I'll be on the east coast from the 18th to the 28th!  HURRAY.

Also I made another playlist at 8track -


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I've been wanting to do this post all week. Here are the ten books (or book series) that I consider to have been formative in my young Sageling years. These are all books I read when I was 12 years old or younger.

I guess the Bernstein Bears should have been in here. Too late now. )

Did any of these books affect you guys as well?  What books were very important and powerful to you at a young, impressionable age? (I hear "Clan of the Cave Bear" is a common answer, by the way.)

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First of all, thank you very much! I have no idea if this is your first year of Yuletide or your billionth, but thank you for the time, effort, creativity, blood, sweat, and various other bodily fluids spent going into my request. This is my first year doing Yuletide, so I'm a mixture of nervous and excited, and really charged up for the chance to write a fic for someone who shares a fandom interest with me. I have spent the last few years admiring my friends who have participated in Yuletide and put a lot of their spirit into it, and so I know you are doing a tough thing, but I'm really thankful for it.

As for my wishlist, even if you don't read the specifics of my fandom requests, you should know three things that can make fics really, really enjoyable for me, no matter what the fandom:

1) A revelation about a character's personality, motivations, or inner demons that wasn't obvious before.
2) Lulz. I love the lulz and I love puns and I love corn and camp and satire and witty lines and sarcastic lines and crass humor. Anything that would give you a chuckle, I'll probably laugh at too.
3) A WTF moment that jumps up and slaps me in the face. I love to be surprised, and if not also baffled and screaming at the computer "OH NO HE DIDN'T".

Most of all, I implore you to have fun! If you have an idea that I don't specifically mention, but you feel would be really awesome or excellent to explore, do it! So long as it doesn't hit any triggers with me, I'm totally fascinated by ANYTHING that is written up for any of these fandoms. And passion in writing shows, and more than anything else I want you to really love what you create in December.

Wishlist by Fandom: Juuni Kokki, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, and Moribito )

Thank you again! 

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I wrote a fic. It is Kingdom/Tron AU, starring Peter as The User.  Everything else will be a surprise.

If you don't know anything about Tron Legacy or what the world looks like, this is a decent start.  I wrote the story nearly exclusively to the movie soundtrack, which you can browse here.   I consider 'Fragile' to be the companion song to this story.

I actually started this fic nearly 11 months ago, on the night that Tron:Legacy released.  We got back from the theater at 3 AM, and I busted out the bones of this story.  It's taken me a long time to really flesh it out, mostly cause of massive distraction.  But I'm really happy to have it done.  I actually have thought about Tron AU a fair bit, and have a storyline for it mapped out in my head.  But we'll see if I ever get to other stories of it XD 

(This story is subtitled "How many bad computing puns can Sage make in one fic?")

“This isn’t how you spend all your time here, is it?  Bossing people around and making everything you touch explode.”  

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There are one condition to this thread: Please don't spoil the winner of the finale until tomorrow, just to be safe.

Here's some questions to get us going:

(1) What would you consider the greatest injustice in this season?

(2) If you could affect the outcome of ONE of the challenges, which one would you have changed?

(3) Out of all of the fucking dumbass challenges this season, which was the most fucking dumbass?

(4) Who were you rooting for this season?

(5) Which outfits can you think of, purely from memory, that actually impressed you?  No cheating and looking at pictures.

Some of my grievances, including bitching about Anya and pee-pads )

God dammit and we have the Project Runway All-Stars season coming up next :< :< :< At least we know we are getting good designers, AT THE VERY LEAST. I have no idea if I'll be watching Project Accessory.

Here is a reminder of what this show used to be:

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My likelihood of having enough time/energy to complete a novel are very slim (I've been working 9-10 hours a day), and I'd really rather not stress myself sick in November.  So I'll be doing 31 days instead, one fic for each day.  I'm not even going to throw a word limit on things - I want to write a 1000 words a day, but if that is 500 of fic and the rest in tags, or in novella planning, then fine with me.  If my job had settled down by now, it'd be a different story, but there always seems to be one firestorm or another on, and right now I want to be at my most alert for work.

So my prompts will be coming from 31 Days, both from the October and the yet-to-be-revealed November prompts.  There are also the Carl Sagan prompts to pull from, and I need to build the list of songs I've always wanted to write fics to but never have.  I already have an idea-poster going for the October prompts so far - I'm really happy cause there is a lot I want to do with my newer characters (Endy, Joachim, Lola, Taka, Raiko, Kaito, and Suharto), which is nice cause I feel like my newer characters are shafted in terms of fics (I think only Taka and Suharto have completed fics so far, out of that list).  I miss being able to write fics as often as I did even six months ago, but November could be a hell of a catch-up.  And even if most of the fics for November are bad, at least that is exploring.

In other thrilling news, I am going to Portland next month!  An opportunity came up to meet up with [personal profile] ambientfiligree  there, and damn I haven't had a real exploration vacation in a year and a half.   (Not one that involves a plane ride, at least.  Carmel/Monterey for my birthday was hard to beat.)  It is my plan to (a) wander the shit out of Portland and (b) eat my weight in vegetarian cuisine.  I know the weather won't be amazing, but I don't caaaaaaaaaare I want to buy all the artsy things and eat all the non-meat things and see all the pretty outdoor things.

I don't think I have much other thrilling news XD I go to work and I come home, and I'm knitting and going to the gym as much as I can in-between.  I need to read more, oh well.  I am close to being able to do another Shit I Watch on Netflix post - I'm watching Vandread now (which is ALL OF THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT 90's ANIME), and would love to finish that before I dig into another one of those posts.  Right now, Kol and I are watching Work of Art, which is like our Project Runway if Project Runway didn't totally suck in all ways right now.  I don't even want to watch the finale tomorrow cause I don't feel like getting angry at it. 
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Why I love talking to Fly on GTalk:

Sage: cause you are a skank <3 

just embrace what you are 


Sage: :D 



Fly: >.< 

You shush. Lol.

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I need to do stuff tomorrow, and I'm going to have a chat room open in case you want to do stuff too (with the company of others)! Hell, it's not even a chat for any games in particular, or any writing period.  KNIT.  ART.  READ.  PRACTICE YOUR STEEL DRUMMING .  My goal is 8 tags tomorrow!  And to start my Herbivore knitting project, and possibly some work for work! 

So you can join in at the chat "Custos for President" from 1 PM to 5 PM PST (4 PM - 8 PM EST).  Maybe we can do some stupid games too, like a Round Robin or something neat.  



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